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This is gonna seem small and insignificant…but later on in this entry it’ll all make sense. 

 I have only one “pet peeve” when it comes to where I live…how it’s spelled.  I think I put it best on my FetLife profile…

 “It’s a Pet Peeve of mine…if you message me, it’s TuCSonTied, not TuSCon. “Tuscon” sounds too close to Tuscany…and I don’t live in Italy…lol. ;-)”

 You would not BELIEVE how many people make that mistake…it gets hilarious sometimes. This is in-sig-nificent, and I know it, but it does get on my nerves sometimes.  I know, I know…there’s far worse things to be fretting about in the world…why does this bug me?  Here’s the misspelling in action…try clicking this link….

 Didn’t get my site, did ya? (LOL)  Now, try this one…

 Now THAT got ya someplace, didn’t it?  🙂  I always find this amusing about myself…I have a literal TON of problems in life (like we all do), and for some reason, the switching of a “c” and an “s” is enough to warrant me ranting about it…lol.  Funny what makes us all tick, no?



The Beginning…

An explosion…louder than anyone has ever heard.  Cosmic gases swirl and mesh, eventually taking shape and form…a new blue ball of life emerges!  Slowly but surely, water surrounds the blue ball, giving birth to life which rises from the seas, walking up onto land….

WAITAMINNUTE…that’s TOO far back!!  (lol)  OK, let’s try this again…

Hiya!  I’m your host “Tolstoy” Tony, the ropemaster/photographer behind TucsonTied.   A bit about your ropeguy:  44, been into ropes and roping for literally all my life.  I’m a Gemini…which explains the “dual” nature that shows up in the work.  I think I can truly say it all began with those “Detective” Magazines that were plentiful at the newsstand in my youth.  My Mom was a HUGE “True Crime” fan (which, now that I think about it, explains my Cable TV viewing habits…you can find me watching shows like “Snapped”, “True Evil”, “The New Detectives”, etc. all the time…), and as soon as those mags hit the stand, she bought them.

Ah, those were the days…every week a new mag with a bound lady on the cover was out for full viewing…too fun.  The bondage wasn’t the greatest out there…but this was DECADES before the internet (we’re talking the 70’s here, folks…), this was just about the most we bondage fans had.  Well, that and comic books (look up the cover to Spider-Woman #6…a TRUE CLASSIC, folks!)…and an occasional scene on TV and the movies…yah, it was out there, just fewer and harder to find.

Time goes by…and I go thru the whole nine yards of being a bondage fan before the internet; meaning magazines and mail-order VHS cassettes.  After years of being both son and nurse to my ailing mother, she succumbs to complications from diabetes and rheumatoid arthritis, and I find myself alone.  Time to hit the internet.  😉

My first computer, like all of ours, I imagine, was a Windows 98 piece of total crap…but at least it got me online.  Suddenly, I could have all the bondage I pleased…all it took was “Google” (or a competant search engine) and a little imagination.  My first real find was Natasha Flade…rowr!  Hot and sexy brunette…but I didn’t stay with her long…I found RopExpert, and that changed literally everything.

True, I was a current fan and somewhat frequent shopper at good ol’ Harmony Concepts, buying mostly Jon Woods material (Jon continues to be a “muse” for me to this day), but when I found RopExpert, everything changed.  This was some good shit, here!  Ladies in high heels and stockings…”secretary” garb, and lots and lots of rope.  Also created a curiousity in me…why the heck would these babes let him DO that to them (lol)?  RE’s style was speaking directly to me…and I had found a home. 

His site was also connected to a network of sites…the SweeTies “Family” of sites.  I liked that…”Family”.  They were producers that had similar and still diverse visions of bondage…from Ropey’s “lotsa rope” stuff thru nudes and extreme positions, artwork and all good things inbetween…I was in Heaven!  They also had a Forum Board where all their producers and fans would gather to talk about upcoming sets, bondage, and to some degree, life in general.  It was a total blast, and under the moniker of “Bondman39”,  I go to know the behind the scenes people at SweeTies pretty well…and one in particular.

The “Badman” from NaughtyTies ( .  He and I got along pretty well…I credit him for two things: getting me started as a bondage photographer, and introducing me to FetishCon (  Imagine it, dear fans…an entire convention full of lovely bondage models just waiting to be tied and have their picture taken…again, Heaven.

That pretty much sums it up…went to FetCon 2006, took a BUNCH o’ pretty pictures, needed a place to market them at, my friends at SweeTies came a’knockin’, wondering if they could help…website achieved.  TucsonTied was born.

Oh, and the “Tolstoy” in “Tolstoy” Tony?  That nickname was given to me by my bud, the Badman…mainly because I type out so very long e-mails, forum board posts and such. 

Like this one.

Welcome to my world!

More to come…  Tolstoy