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One of my better writings from another place…seems relevant to be placed here; enjoy!


You see the forum board and are amazed….files of bondage pics from a site you love and it’s all there for the grabbing. All you have to do is go to RapidShare and download the pics…there’s no harm in doing this right? Victimless crime…nobody gets hurt.


Who gets hurt? Mainly the models and producers who’s pics your essentially stealing.

When folks like me put together a paysite…well, it’s called a “paysite” for a reason…ever wonder what you’re paying for? Well, the site needs a “home”…somewhere on the net where they won’t bother you about the content you’re puting up. There’s a lot of costs there as well…the posting of the pics, web design, bandwith…you name it. Promotion is involved with that as well…sure, you could have the slamminest bondage website out there, but if no one knows about it, you’re not gonna sell a dang thing. OK, then there’s the legal aspects of it…you need somebody to take care of your paperwork in case the Goverment comes knocking on your door needing clarification about the new model you just put up on the site.

I could go into a lot more costs on my end, but let’s focus in on just one…the models. Ever wonder about those lovely ladies you see all bound and gagged up on my site and others like it…why they do it and all? One reason is the pay…it pays well to be a bondage model…and incidentally, they are the most professional people I’ve ever worked with…they EARN every red cent I pay them. Now mind you, I’m not slamming anyone about pay or rates and…all the models I’ve worked with have charged me FAIRLY…the rate I pay is good, but still doesn’t come close to defraying their expenses (travel, accomadations, rental cars, food…and that barely scratches the surface), but it is a lot of money. How then do I make that money to pay them with? When people go to my site, become a member, and pay that monthly entrance fee…that money goes DIRECTLY back into the site and allows me to hire models and work with them…or maybe get a new lighting set up to make the pics clearer…or maybe get a slammin’ pair of shoes that’d make the model’s legs/feet look so hot…;-)  You get the point.

It works something like this:

Producer hires Model and they have a photoshoot
Model gets paid
Producer puts pics on his site
Members join the site, buying in
Site costs are defrayed
Producer gets paid what’s left over
Producer takes money, hires Model and they have a photoshoot.

When Piracy becomes involved, the cycle changes a bit…

Producer hires Model and they have a photoshoot
Model gets paid
Producer puts pics on his site
Pirated pics show up on the net for free, and people don’t join website
No revenue goes into the site, so none comes out
Producer doesn’t get paid, so he can’t afford to hire Models
Models go unpaid and find work elsewhere

A bit over-simplified and with the “terror” aspect amped up a little (lol), but you get the idea.

Let me say this, fans…


‘Nuff said.

This is gonna seem small and insignificant…but later on in this entry it’ll all make sense. 

 I have only one “pet peeve” when it comes to where I live…how it’s spelled.  I think I put it best on my FetLife profile…

 “It’s a Pet Peeve of mine…if you message me, it’s TuCSonTied, not TuSCon. “Tuscon” sounds too close to Tuscany…and I don’t live in Italy…lol. ;-)”

 You would not BELIEVE how many people make that mistake…it gets hilarious sometimes. This is in-sig-nificent, and I know it, but it does get on my nerves sometimes.  I know, I know…there’s far worse things to be fretting about in the world…why does this bug me?  Here’s the misspelling in action…try clicking this link….

 Didn’t get my site, did ya? (LOL)  Now, try this one…

 Now THAT got ya someplace, didn’t it?  🙂  I always find this amusing about myself…I have a literal TON of problems in life (like we all do), and for some reason, the switching of a “c” and an “s” is enough to warrant me ranting about it…lol.  Funny what makes us all tick, no?