All posts for the day May 29th, 2009

This cheerleader could no longer cheer…with that tight brown rope holding her tight and that white bandanna in her mouth… Kimberly Marvel

Kimberly Marvel made for a fan-frikkin-tastic cheerleader, realizing one of the best known bondage fantasies out there.  She and I always create bondage magic (she truly brings out the best in me),  have a look at the site… (Entry Page To

This is the latest set up at Tucson Tied…

Ah, Magenta…TucsonTied’s first true “local star”.  Native to Tucson, Magenta answered my ad in a local paper to pose for bondage shots for me.  When her shots hit the net, I had photographers all OVER the country asking if they could work with her…  Her limited budget kept her from traveling, so she wound up working only with yours truly.  She’s fully retired from the bondage biz now…I miss that gal.