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Gawd, how I LOVE my iPhone!!!  Should’a got me one o’ these babies a long time ago…so much fun.

Lessee…what’re my fave apps?  The apps on an iPhone are just born for “time wasting”…if you’re in a long line, or maybe waiting for an appointment (or maybe waiting for a TucsonTied download to get to your computer…plug, plug), these things are made for you!  I truly enjoy “Paper Toss”…basically, it’s that old game of “office basketball” (throwing crumpled up paper into the garbage from a distance) brought to the phone.  Several levels of difficulty…and a blowing fan is thrown into the mix just to keep you honest.  My records are 33 at the “Easy” level,  9 at the “Medium”, and 3 at the “Hard”…and don’t let that 3 fool ya…it really IS challenging to make a basket from across the room with a fan blowing thru the shot…lol.

I also love to bowl, so I have Action Bowling Free.  Everything you’d want in a bowling game…very authentic…and I “ibowl” just as lousy as I “reality bowl”…lol.  My record at this game is 167…real life, I top out in the 140’s.  VERY fun!

Finally, I have a virtual Zippo lighter on my iPhone…you choose your lighter from the stock loaded on the phone, then you can flip it open and light it.  The flame reacts to motion, so if you move the phone back and forth, the flame flickers as you do it.  VERY cool.

I’ll probably find more of these…I LOVE goofing off at iTunes. 



Unless you’ve been living under a rock of late (lol), you know about the mega-popularity of Clips4Sale.  Video clips all ready for the download…no muss, no fuss…just grab, buy, and view.  Well, now TucsonTied has entered into the phenomenon and gotten ourselves a C4S Store…


We’ve got a pretty great selection to start out the page…vids from TucsonTied faves like…

Kimberly Marvel

Kimberly Marvel

Pantera Noelle

Pantera Noelle

Emily Addison

Emily Addison

And a whole mess of others!!  Why not stop by, have a look, and maybe download a clip or two…


Why do things have to get so dang affordable?  I mean, really…Jack In The Box is now running a 2 for $3 special on their Jumbo Jacks…and I just HAD to buy into the coming craze.  And you can’t have burgers without curly fries and something to wash it down…and if you put that junk in the fridge, it just gets lousy…you have to eat it when you buy it…

…all of it…in one sitting (GULP!).

UGH.  Sleeping wasn’t easy after THAT little feat, lemme tell you…lol. 

Well…now I’ve heard that the 8 gig iPhone is going for only $99…at that price, how CAN you say no?!  Sooo…now “Tolstoy” has himself a new iPhone. 


I’m a “techie”…I love playing with new gizmos and gadgets…but this baby’s giving me a headache.  Loading pics was a nightmare to figure out, but eventually I woke up enough to do it (lol).  I dunno…maybe I’m just obtuse today, and tomorrow after work, it’ll all shift into place.  First things first…moving all my “custom ringtones” from the BlackJack to this lovely new phone…



WOW.  We met thru a model/photographer networking website and talked a bit.   Have to say I was really impressed with her from the get go…I booked a shoot with her without even thinking twice.  Our conversations there were enough to let me know I was dealing with a total professional.

She didn’t disappoint.  Soon as she arrived, we set about working…she and I seem to do this a lot.  I like her sense of style so much that I usually wind up shooting her in whatever she’s wearing when she arrives…

Pantera Noelle

That’s the first set that went up of her…practically the first shot I took of her…lol.  I met her during my “pink rope days” (I was using colored ropes, and less stringent bondage back then), and we had a LOT of fun and had a great shoot!  She was a little quiet (trust was being built up and such), but I was totally impressed with her, and we shot some fantastic stuff…

Green Rope. Feh.  Pantera Noelle in Bondage

I’m a sucker for gorgeous brunettes with cute feet…lol.  I might as well mention that I have a “minor” in foot fetish (I describe my fetishes in the way most describe their education…a Major in “Bondage”, and a minor in “foot fetish”…lol), and Pantera definitely has one of the cutest pair out there.  She’s a total package tho…one very cute and sexy lady.

Anyhow…our first shoot went well.  we had some fun and really lensed out some really great stuff.  I was thankful to know her and chomping at the bit for our next shoot.  In the meantime, she was shooting with another photographer and told him about me…one of the greatest favors that anyone’s ever done for me.

She was also a regular featured model with Dave Annis.  Saying that means something, as the man is one of the tightest  (if not the tightest) ropeworkers out there…so that definitely reflects on her…she can take some heavy binding.  Anyway…she and Dave had a shoot on my birthday (which was about a month after my first shoot with her), and she told him about me…he called me, and the rest, as they say, is history.  This meeting caused a revolution in how I do what I do…the pink rope is all but gone, I’m using true lighting now instead fo flash photography, and I’m tying the models tighter than I EVER thought I would or could.  It’s still me doing the work, but compare the above pics to this one…

LOOKIT all that ROPE!! Pantera Noelle in Bondage

Or this…

SHEESH!! HEAVY Rope Bondage on Pantera Noelle

Yuppers, quite a change, no?  And definitely one for the better…I’m having more fun than I could’ve imagined, and the quality of both the rigging and the look of the photos and video has increased hundredfold.   And I owe it all to this very lovely lady…if I haven’t said it lately, Pantera…THANK YOU!!!

The three of us (Pantera, Dave and I) have become very close friends…you know you’re in good friendship with someone if you wind up together at a Denny’s at 3 in the  morning…lol.  We’ve “bonded” (OUCH!!  BAD pun!!) as photographer and model…she’s not just a model to me; I consider her a close friend as well.

Me and Pantera Noelle, mid-tie


Somehow…I just knew.  I don’t know how, but I just KNEW.

Stacie and I met casually enough…a mutual friend (Kimberly Marvel…learn more here: ) was about to shoot with a friend of mine (Chuck, the Monk of Mayhem…you can find some of his work here: ) at my place, and Kimberly brought Stacie along for the ride (and to meet me for possible future shoots, I suppose).   I was flabbergasted…not only was she undeniably cute as all get out, but her personality just ROCKED!  She’s definitely got one of the funnier personalities of the models I know with a great sense of humor.  She stayed for a while…got an idea of what it was all about…and as she left, told me to give her a call when I was ready for a shoot.

Time passes.  I have some other shoots with some other models…finally, it comes to Stacie’s turn.  I love first shoots with new models…we’re learning about each other and what we can both bring to the table…and Stacie brought a LOT:

Stacie Snow in “secretary” bondage

I think that’s the pic that got the most reaction….and rightfully so.  Actually, it’s been ages since I had a first shoot with a “new-to-me” model that caused such a firestorm of reaction from the fans (Shannon was the last time).

The shoot went well…but I think Stacie and I really “clicked” when I did the first elbow tie.  I asked her to put her back to me so I could see how close her elbows would get.  She kinda sighed and said, “They don’t touch,” in an almost defeated kinda way.   “Well…let’s try and see what comes of it…we’ll be careful,” I replied.  I tied the ropes off and was amazed…her first try at it and they were less than an inch from touching…any model can tell you how amazing that is.   After making sure that she’d be ok in the position, I took this shot:

Elbows allllllllmost together!  Stacie Snow

I took it mainly to show her how well she was doing, but liked it so much, it wound up being added to the pic update when I finally sent it into the site.  She was AMAZED when I showed her this…it really shows in this “Behind The Scenes” shot of me showing her the above pic…

The caption says it all…

Check the surprised look on her face…she really didn’t think that she could do the pose, and here she was doing it, succeeding at it, and going far with it!  I could tell that she was happy with herself and how the shoot was going…and that I had found a real gem!

The rest of the shoot went off without a hitch…she did some AMAZING work with me…some of the best stuff I’d ever lensed.  It’s rare that I want to shoot models back to back (meaning, book them for another shoot before shooting with someone else in between), but I did with Stacie.  Don’t know what it is…her sparkling personality, wit, charm…or that she just ties up so dang well…

OMG!!! Stacie Snow in TIGHT TucsonTied Bondage

It’s rare that someone inspires me to do this kinda caliber of work…Stacie definitely qualifies as a “muse” in my shooting career…and somebody that I hope to be shooting with for a long, long time!!


dang it…do you know what it’s like having to go over everything you type and go back over it, capitalizing everything?  my keyboard seems to think that ‘capital’ letters don’t exist…drives me crazy sometimes.

i suppose i could just go over the whole whatever i’ve typed with ‘spellcheck’ and let it tell me what a dumbfuck i am over and over again for not capitalizing everything, but dang it, that hurts my ‘tolstoy’ pride…lol.  i know what needs caps and what doesn’t…it’s my blamed keyboard that doesn’t!1!

and by the way, dear readers, you have to know that things are generally going well if the only thing that i can think to bitch about is that my keyboard has an allergy…lmao.



In about 48 hours (meaning, on Thursday, June 18th), Stacie and I will be working again!  Lordy, it’s been a while since a model inspired me enough to work with her again so close to her first shoot with me…but Stacie has it all and more!!

A pic or two will be added here once we’ve got it all lensed… 😉


48 hours later…lemme tell you how it went.

AMAZING!  SPECTACULAR!  Sooooo very well, even (lol).

A good time was had by all, we lensed some GREAT stuff.  We started with an extension of the earlier “secretary” look (with a different top, tho), then went to a more “casual” look with a jeans skirt, sexy “tube” top, pantyhose and sexy heels.  I’m really loving working with her, and it really shows in the pics…

Sexy Secretary In Bondage, Stacie Snow

Stacie Snow in sexy, TIGHT TucsonTied Bondage

OK, not as young as I used to be and the shoot’s starting to hit me…I’m massively tired…lol.  Talk to ya later, blog-fans!