All posts for the day June 27th, 2009

Gawd, how I LOVE my iPhone!!!  Should’a got me one o’ these babies a long time ago…so much fun.

Lessee…what’re my fave apps?  The apps on an iPhone are just born for “time wasting”…if you’re in a long line, or maybe waiting for an appointment (or maybe waiting for a TucsonTied download to get to your computer…plug, plug), these things are made for you!  I truly enjoy “Paper Toss”…basically, it’s that old game of “office basketball” (throwing crumpled up paper into the garbage from a distance) brought to the phone.  Several levels of difficulty…and a blowing fan is thrown into the mix just to keep you honest.  My records are 33 at the “Easy” level,  9 at the “Medium”, and 3 at the “Hard”…and don’t let that 3 fool ya…it really IS challenging to make a basket from across the room with a fan blowing thru the shot…lol.

I also love to bowl, so I have Action Bowling Free.  Everything you’d want in a bowling game…very authentic…and I “ibowl” just as lousy as I “reality bowl”…lol.  My record at this game is 167…real life, I top out in the 140’s.  VERY fun!

Finally, I have a virtual Zippo lighter on my iPhone…you choose your lighter from the stock loaded on the phone, then you can flip it open and light it.  The flame reacts to motion, so if you move the phone back and forth, the flame flickers as you do it.  VERY cool.

I’ll probably find more of these…I LOVE goofing off at iTunes.