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A quick and “non-Tolstoy” post here…I’m just going to say I’d LOVE for you leave me some feedback on the pics and articles I have here on the blog.

Registering with the site is no longer necessary…at the end of an article is three boxes asking for info…those aren’t mandatory.  Just post your thoughts into the larger box, then click the “Leave Comment” box when you’re finished…it’ll be added to the page as “Anonymous”.  Keep it clean tho…nasty comments will be deleted before they even get close to hitting the page.  😉

I’d LOVE to hear what’s on your minds…


Remember my post a bit back when I mentioned that I was pissed at my keyboard because it was allergic to capital letters and things like that?

It died tonight.  (bows head in silent rememberance…)

Lord only knows what happened…one minute I was typing an update to the Yahoo Group, the next, I couldn’t type anything.  I was hitting the keys, but nothing was showing up on the page.  “Tolstoy” was suddenly silent…I had plenty to say, but nothing could come out of my keyboard…it was scary, let me tell you (lol). 

So…I’m suddenly faced with the prospect of not being able to update anything for a while (at least until I can buy a new keyboard)…when I remember something.  I still have a wired keyboard…shortly after I got my computer, I decided I didn’t like the wired keyboard it came with and bought a wireless one.  I still had that original wired one!  YES!!!

The next part of the fun was bringing the wire around the back of my computer desk and up to my computer…problem solved…with rope.  So ingenious on my part…I ran the wire thru to the back of my station and let it rest on the ground, then sent a rope down from the front of the desk, thru a hole in the back, down to the floor.  Tied it off to the keyboard wire and pulled it off of the floor and up to the hole thru which it would eventually meet up with my computer.

Ain’t it funny how I solve so many of my life’s little problems with a little rope?   Guess it just comes with the territory….

So, in closing, I find it ironic that I now am using the keyboard that originally came with my computer rather than the fancy-schmancy wireless one I bought and it’s working fine…but still feel for the loss of the old one.  That keyboard and I surfed thru many a site and had many an adventure together.    We typed in anger and in joy.  We banged out many a “Tolstoy” together…and it will be missed.  Goodbye old friend…*sob*   (And if you missed the intentional sarcasm in that, kindly repeat your class in “Sarcasm 101” for a refresher…lol.)

RIP, Microsoft Wireless Keyboard, May 2006-July 10, 2009

“Tolstoy” 😉

Hey, guys!  A sweet lady and dear friend of mine just opened her own website.  You’ve seen Kimberly Marvel over at TucsonTied…well, maybe once or twice (lol):

What a flirt, huh? 🙂 Kimberly Marvel

Well, she now has a website of her own.  It’s a “fan” site…so if you want to know more about this fabulous lady, or if you’re a photographer (or photographer “wannabe”…Kimberly works with every skill level of photographer) and would like to know about where she’s going to be so you could see her or even book her for a shoot, this is the place to go.

Give it a look:

She’s a GREAT model and one of my best friends…give the site a look!


UPDATE: Nikki has opened a paysite all her own!!  I STRONGLY encourage all of you to walk on over and give it a look!!

“Tolstoy” Tony

Nikki Sebastian

Ah, Nikki.

We first met thru “MySpace” back when it was more friendly to us fetish types.  2006, and I’m looking around for people to shoot with at my very first FetishCon…I came across Nikki’s profile and was quite happily stunned.  What a lovely young lady, thinks I, and send off a shoot request.

Nikki didn’t disappoint.

Nikki Sebastian in Bondage…WOW!!!

At that first FetCon, I met a LOT of wonderful people…hung out and partied with the best of them, but of everybody there, I think I “clicked” best with Nikki…we lensed out a lot of material in a short period of time.  Not just that, really…we became friends almost as soon as the shoot ended.  When I gave her a hug goodbye after what I considered  my most successful shoot of FetCon 2006, I knew I’d be seeing her again soon enough, the fact that we lived on opposite ends of the country didn’t mean all that much…

Nikki Sebastian in NYC Bondage

A few months later, I traveled to NYC and one of the first people I booked a shoot with was Nikki.  Not really sure if it was because I was running low on material of her, or if it was because I couldn’t wait to see one of my favorite people in the world again…one thing’s for sure, if I had visited and hadn’t told her, my butt would’a been applesauce the next time I saw her…lol.  Ah, it was great just to be around her again…hanging out, taking both great bondage and non-bondage shots…

Nikki Sebastian LOVES Trouble! 😉

NYC Bondage with Nikki Sebastian

Again, a FUN time!!   After that shoot, I didn’t get to see Nikki again until the next FetCon in 2007.  But in the interim, we were on IM’s together, e-mails…heck, she even sent me a Christmas card, pic enclosed of her bound up all nice and snug under the Christmas tree…lol.  We’ve definitely established a good working friendship.  Get this…I see her at FetCon 2007, across the floor…I call out her name and she comes running to me (in 5 inch heels yet!!), throws herself into a hug and just says, “HI!!”  Took this shot shortly after…

ROWR!!! Nikki Sebastian

Later at that convention, for the “Fan Photo Shoot” (on stage, a bunch of us riggers tie willing models for the fans to take snaps of…VERY fun!!), I tied Kimberly Marvel, and fellow rigger Moraxian ( tied Nikki…Nikki squirmed away from Moraxian and dang near untied Kimberly!!!  We both made a vow to watch our damsels more closely (lol) and laughed our heads off, all four of us.  It was definitely a time to remember.

Well, she tells me she’s possibly gonna be in the area of Tucson in the fall…all things willing, I’ll be setting up a new shoot.  I’ll be sure to keep ya posted…