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UPDATE: Nikki has opened a paysite all her own!!  I STRONGLY encourage all of you to walk on over and give it a look!!

“Tolstoy” Tony

Nikki Sebastian

Ah, Nikki.

We first met thru “MySpace” back when it was more friendly to us fetish types.  2006, and I’m looking around for people to shoot with at my very first FetishCon…I came across Nikki’s profile and was quite happily stunned.  What a lovely young lady, thinks I, and send off a shoot request.

Nikki didn’t disappoint.

Nikki Sebastian in Bondage…WOW!!!

At that first FetCon, I met a LOT of wonderful people…hung out and partied with the best of them, but of everybody there, I think I “clicked” best with Nikki…we lensed out a lot of material in a short period of time.  Not just that, really…we became friends almost as soon as the shoot ended.  When I gave her a hug goodbye after what I considered  my most successful shoot of FetCon 2006, I knew I’d be seeing her again soon enough, the fact that we lived on opposite ends of the country didn’t mean all that much…

Nikki Sebastian in NYC Bondage

A few months later, I traveled to NYC and one of the first people I booked a shoot with was Nikki.  Not really sure if it was because I was running low on material of her, or if it was because I couldn’t wait to see one of my favorite people in the world again…one thing’s for sure, if I had visited and hadn’t told her, my butt would’a been applesauce the next time I saw her…lol.  Ah, it was great just to be around her again…hanging out, taking both great bondage and non-bondage shots…

Nikki Sebastian LOVES Trouble! 😉

NYC Bondage with Nikki Sebastian

Again, a FUN time!!   After that shoot, I didn’t get to see Nikki again until the next FetCon in 2007.  But in the interim, we were on IM’s together, e-mails…heck, she even sent me a Christmas card, pic enclosed of her bound up all nice and snug under the Christmas tree…lol.  We’ve definitely established a good working friendship.  Get this…I see her at FetCon 2007, across the floor…I call out her name and she comes running to me (in 5 inch heels yet!!), throws herself into a hug and just says, “HI!!”  Took this shot shortly after…

ROWR!!! Nikki Sebastian

Later at that convention, for the “Fan Photo Shoot” (on stage, a bunch of us riggers tie willing models for the fans to take snaps of…VERY fun!!), I tied Kimberly Marvel, and fellow rigger Moraxian ( tied Nikki…Nikki squirmed away from Moraxian and dang near untied Kimberly!!!  We both made a vow to watch our damsels more closely (lol) and laughed our heads off, all four of us.  It was definitely a time to remember.

Well, she tells me she’s possibly gonna be in the area of Tucson in the fall…all things willing, I’ll be setting up a new shoot.  I’ll be sure to keep ya posted…