All posts for the day July 10th, 2009

Remember my post a bit back when I mentioned that I was pissed at my keyboard because it was allergic to capital letters and things like that?

It died tonight.  (bows head in silent rememberance…)

Lord only knows what happened…one minute I was typing an update to the Yahoo Group, the next, I couldn’t type anything.  I was hitting the keys, but nothing was showing up on the page.  “Tolstoy” was suddenly silent…I had plenty to say, but nothing could come out of my keyboard…it was scary, let me tell you (lol). 

So…I’m suddenly faced with the prospect of not being able to update anything for a while (at least until I can buy a new keyboard)…when I remember something.  I still have a wired keyboard…shortly after I got my computer, I decided I didn’t like the wired keyboard it came with and bought a wireless one.  I still had that original wired one!  YES!!!

The next part of the fun was bringing the wire around the back of my computer desk and up to my computer…problem solved…with rope.  So ingenious on my part…I ran the wire thru to the back of my station and let it rest on the ground, then sent a rope down from the front of the desk, thru a hole in the back, down to the floor.  Tied it off to the keyboard wire and pulled it off of the floor and up to the hole thru which it would eventually meet up with my computer.

Ain’t it funny how I solve so many of my life’s little problems with a little rope?   Guess it just comes with the territory….

So, in closing, I find it ironic that I now am using the keyboard that originally came with my computer rather than the fancy-schmancy wireless one I bought and it’s working fine…but still feel for the loss of the old one.  That keyboard and I surfed thru many a site and had many an adventure together.    We typed in anger and in joy.  We banged out many a “Tolstoy” together…and it will be missed.  Goodbye old friend…*sob*   (And if you missed the intentional sarcasm in that, kindly repeat your class in “Sarcasm 101” for a refresher…lol.)

RIP, Microsoft Wireless Keyboard, May 2006-July 10, 2009

“Tolstoy” 😉