All posts for the day July 26th, 2009

Sorry I haven’t been writing much.  Generally speaking, when these little “lulls” hit and spaces occur between postings, it’s because life is beginning to suck.  Writing these blogs comes from the joyous part of me…I try not to do too much when I’m down.  Taints the work and makes me come across as cross. 

And that’s severly not me.

Meh…the “day” job is becoming as bitch, and money’s tight, so I’m worried about that…other things are going on, but I’m not gonna bore you all here.  I’ll be fine, tho…life goes on!

The producing side is all peaches and cream…the C4S store is doing fine, the site is doing great, and I just did a great shoot with Stacie Snow recently.  I’m still coming down off the excitement of the shoot…we kicked major ASS this time…just WAIT until you see the results.

It’s 1 am as I type this and I have a shoot to assist on at noon tomorrow…off to bed!