All posts for the day July 27th, 2009

Grrrrrrrr.  I feel like blogging,  but I’m so pissed off, it’ll only come out ugly.  Can’t really tell you what’s bugging me either…I’ll probably be thru with it before I finish typing…lol.  These blogs are a good way for me to get out stress, strife and anger.  When I bang on the keyboard, it’s almost like I’m banging my hand against a wall, getting rid of the stress.  A bit of a release, if you will.

And if I can throw out an “if you will”, I’m better now…thanks for being there, my blogger readers.  😀  Ah, that’s a relief.

Just finished editing some Stacie Snow vids…gonna send them off after I finish typing this.  Maybe I’ll start working on the “Behind the Scenes” stuff for Stiletto…or maybe watch wrestling.  “Raw” is on tonight…great stress reliever, and some “Diva” action would be nice as well…lol.

incidentally, I just downloaded “Safari” for my Windows PC (yes, the “Mac” browser is now set up for the regular PC as well)…kinda nice.  It might just replace the browser I’m currently using…the fucker’s acting weird right now anyway…probably be best to just purge the thing from my computer.

K…enough wannabe rant for now…yak at ya later, gang!