All posts for the day July 30th, 2009

Well, this is a very cool feeling.  Just spoke with a prospective customer today…looks like we finalized the deal.

I’m going to be shooting a custom vid with for someone soon…my very first one!

Ah, it’s a good feeling to be loved…lol.  The man says he knows good rigging when he sees it and wants a piece of TucsonTied that’s all his own.  VERY COOL!!  It’s been a good “fan day” today…I wake up to that wonderful note from MCH (see the topic, “Fan Praise of the Highest Kind” on the blog), and now I close out the day all ready to shoot something extra special just for a fan.

Just for the sake of saying it, I am available for hire to shoot custom videos/still photos for you.  Video will be recorded to a dvd, stills will be delivered on a cd.  The pay I require for it really depends on the model’s per hour fee: to make a custom, you pay for the model’s per hour fee (2 hour minimum), my time in photographing/videographing it (at the same rate as the model’s hourly fee) plus a $75 processing fee (making the dvd/cd, mailing it to you, etc).

If you’re interested, write me at:

and we’ll get something worked out.  Later, folks!


Yahoo Groups are one of many ways we, the fans of bondage, can enjoy the medium.   I have a buddy that Moderates (oversees, keeps the peace, keeps the rabblerousers in line, etc) for 7 different models (how DO you find the time, MCH?  lol).  Recently he had a computer crash and he lost his private stash of bondage pics, leading him to become a member of my site.  He just wrote a fan letter (and published it to ALL the Groups…color me blushing here!):

“As some of you know, computer problems caused me to lose my entire bondage collection so I have the very enjoyable task of putting it back together – 1 website at a time. I started with my friend Tony’s site I  have been a member before so I thought I knew what to expect – it would not be an overstatement to say I was pleasantly surprised.

Tony’s site has always been good, don’t get me wrong but I was blown away at how much awesome bondage this guy actually has on his site! His ropework is incredible and the models are extraordinary … the undeniably sexy Stacie Snow, the legendary Stacy Burke, the adorable Shannon, the oh-my-God Pantera, the gorgeous VIP, the sensational Kobe Lee, the beautiful Addie Juniper, the very sexy Wednesday Harrington … and that’s just a few of them!

Oh, and for those of you who, like me, are in love with Kimberly Marvel … with the possible exception of Moraxian (,  Tony has more pictures of Kim tied up than any other website out there. 

I honestly regret taking so long to rejoin his site. You really need to check it out; and to further illustrate my point, Tony’s site is part of the Sweet Ties family so you know it’s going to live up to their high standards of excellence.

Full disclosure – while I do moderate the groups for several of the models mentioned above, I am not a compensated endorser. What I am is a friend and fan of Tony’s, a friend and fan of several of the models on his site, and a fan of the bondage genre as a whole.

Now get over there and join his site!!!


Proud Moderator of the Groups for Kimberly Marvel, JJ Plush, Addie Juniper, Danni Lyons, Wednesday Harrington, Stacie Snow, and Isobel Wren.”

Well, gee, golly, shucks.  I’m blushing big-time here!!  This kind of praise doesn’t come everyday, and I’m thankful for it.  I do what I do for my fans…glad to see it’s appreciated.

Thanks, MCH!!!