All posts for the day September 4th, 2009

I’m putting out a call to all of you to respond…I want some answers.  Well…opinions, really.  I’ve been having a great convo with Mustang in the comments of “Stacie Snow, Shoot 4″…it’s inspired me a bit to ask you some questions.  I’d like you to respond to this post in the comments section…your comments will help me to build the best possible TucsonTied!


Which do you prefer…openlegged bondage (lotus ties, spread eagles, frog ties, etc) or closed legs?  Bare legged or pantyhose/stockings?  Chair ties? Hog Ties?  Nudes?  Clothed or topless?


Now, when we talk about gags, there’s no final word…different gags look different on different models.  I want to focus this one of the tape gag: which is better: a few strips across the mouth…or a wraparound the head one?

In general, kids…what’s your preferrences?  If there’s something you wanna see at TucsonTied, now’s the time to let me know!!