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Meh.  I’ve recently gotten a Facebook page for TucsonTied…

Add me, friend me, stalk me, whatever.  😉

It’s really funny how bondage-y that site has gotten of late.  When I first went on, it just seemed like another “social” page (I even made my page “vanilla” and devoted it to me), but now I that I have the TucsonTied page, it seems more models and producers have found me than so-called “normal” folks…lol.

Had a run-in at FetLife that is making me think twice about keeping this page…the higher-ups at Fetlife threatened me with a 48 hour deletion notice unless I made changes to my page; mainly making it about “Tony” more than about “TucsonTied”…mainly because if read wrong by the average page visiter, the page could be taken as one big advertisment for my site.

I didn’t care much for being threatened (I can play by the rules without deletion motivation, thank you very much), but I do see their point.  If the focus of the site is to help folks find a mate with a fetish bend, then putting the “TucsonTied” name at the top of the page is kind of misleading.  At FetLife, am I looking for a lover and full-time gal pal to help with the site and possibly model for it as well?  Indeed…tho I also enjoy the social aspects of hanging out with fetish-minded people who enjoy the work that I do.  If I get a subscription or two (or thirty…lol) from my Fetlife page as well, then that’s great!!  It’s not like I’m putting the page up for that purpose, but if it happens…

Ah, I’m at peace with it now…it’s their site and their site rules; and I also understand why they made it like that.  Makes me wonder if I should keep the Facebook page at all, tho…fortunately, I’m not overly attached to it, so I could dump it at a moment’s notice.  Facebook seemed like the place everyone was going…and I can’t put my own real name to my TucsonTied page as my BOSS AT THE VANILLA JOB is already on my personal page.  The crew there is pretty ok about personal lives and could deal, I suppose, but why take chances, right?

Well, anyway…friend me at facebook if you already have a page there…it’ll be a change-up from all the horny s.o.b’s who can’t read text and for some reason think I’m a hawt chick named Stacie Snow.  😉


PS: I’ve already been HIT ON at FB by these morons…I’ve never “played along” with the fantasy because I’d really be playing in Stacie’s name (as these morons think I’m her).  Told her about this and she died laughing…and told me to go ahead and have fun with it, as long as I set it straight at the end.  If this happens, I’ll run an edited (names removed, natch) play-by-play here.  If you can’t read, prepare to flirt with a 265 lb, 6’2″ hairy ass Italian MALE…lmao!!

Used to be when we heard music, we were happy and joyous.  Hearing random music was a good thing.

Now, when we hear music, we check our cellphones to see if that was ours going off.  Maybe the boss called and I have to go in to work today; or maybe the wife called to ask us to stop for a loaf of bread; or maybe…