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Gonna be light on the words and humor…if you’ve read the “Angel” post you’ll understand…until I come to terms with it all, my heart’s just not into the humor…I know you understand.Shot with Stacie again and her LOVELY friend Nikki.  It’s been a while since I did a 2 model shoot…forgot how much FUN they are.  The two of them really propped up my sagging spirit and helped me to smile a bit even tho I’m scared out of my mind for my sis.

Some samples…

Lingeried Stacie Snow, soon to go into Bondage

Lingerie and stockings bound…Stacie Snow

Nikki Jones

The following is a reposting from my Yahoo Group.  It’s relevant here as well, so I thought I should share with you  here as well.


Well, now that my emotions have calmed down, I can write about this. Brace
yourselves, this may get long or full of sap, tho…lol.

You all know about Angel. Model of mine…we first started as producer and
model, grew to become friends, became better friends, then “adopted” each other
and now think of each other as brother and sister…even call each other that in
all our communications between each other.

Hadn’t heard from her in a bit, so I wrote her to see how she was doing. Got a
scary answer back from her this morning…she has Cancer.

Scary moments for me…had no other info, just “Cancer”. This hit me just as
hard as it did when my blood-Uncle was diagnosed with it…I panicked a bit, let
some raw emotion go.

She called me just before I went into work…it’s bad, but not as bad as I
thought. Ovarian cancer, caught in the very early stages. She next sees the
docs on the 8th of next month and they decide the next phases of the treatment:
remove the ovaries, chemo, or what’s necessary. For the most part, she feels
fine right now (had an IM convo with her while at lunch too)…so far so good.

I’d like to make a call-out to the Group to send her some well-wishes. If
you’re a fan, or would just like to send her some good wishes, either send them
here (I’ll forward them on to her) or you can send them to my e-mail:

and I’ll see to it that she gets them.

Thank you, gang…and keep my “sis” in your prayers.

“Tolstoy” Tony