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Darling Nikki

Ah, Nikki!   As I said in the entry with both of them, Nikki’s shoot happened on the day I found out about my sister having cancer.  Let’s be honest here…I was a fucking wreck.  Worried half out of my mind and sick to my stomach (tho that might have come from the fact that when the news first hit, around breakfast, I couldn’t eat…lol), I just told myself to gut it out…it’ll be good for me.

I couldn’t have been more right.

Being in Stacie and Nikki’s company that night completely cleared my head and got me back on the proper path again…they helped me to forget a terrible day and got me back where I needed to be.  Thanks to both of you for that, by the way.

So…where to start?  Nikki’s fairly new to bondage, but you wouldn’t know it by working with her…she took my ropework in stride and gave me some “damsel” expressions even I couldn’t believe.  I seriously think she had the “damsel” thing rocking just as good as Vivian did when I worked with her…that’s how impressed I was.

Gorgeous eyes, huh? Nikki Darling

We started out with the above outfit and a simple chair tie.   It may look simple from this angle, but I rocked it on the back (you’ll see that when the pics hit the site).   She didn’t complain at all, and took every pass of the rope in stride.   I was really impressed with her…what a doll.

Nikki Darling in Gold…

I told her I wanted a dress for the second set…she found a honey of one!  Again with the expression…check her face in this shot!  Don’t you just want to jump in and save her?  😉   She’s definitely a tape gag model…I tried a cleave just before we shot this and didn’t like it.  She told me I wouldn’t, bless her…lol.  She knows her looks and what works best for her…definitely a good quality for a model.  I’ll hire her again many a time just for that self-expertise.  But I still will try a ball gag on her…just for looks.  I just have to know how it looks on her… 😉

She’s a sweetheart…and one of the models I regret having to gag, as her voice is just as sweet as she is.   LOL…in communications after the shoot, she told me I was a “peach”.  That got the first, “Awwwwww…that was sweet,” from me that I’ve delivered in months…more than likely a step up from just a “Teddy Bear” (which is what I usually get) too, right?  🙂  Definitely a wonderful gal and somebody I’m loving the idea of working with again…and again…and again…and…..


PS: Random thoughts to close this out…”Totino’s” pizzas, tho small by frozen-pizza-industry-standards, are still the yummiest things out there.  Gobbled down one as I was typing this, and I’m satisfied…even more so than when I get a cardboard pizza like a Red Baron for three times the price.     Word.      And ice cream sandwiches are the fucking BOMB!  Those come next… 😉