All posts for the day September 24th, 2009

It just ocurred to me that there’s many a place out there that ol “Tolstoy” has pages at…here’s some linkage…visit me often!     My Site  Token Page   Clips4Sale page   Blog   Old blog     Yahoo Group    FetLife page  Facebook page    Twitter  (or, @tucsontied  from your cel, naturally)    YouTube page

(Hit those top 3 especially, k?  😉 )   The YouTube page was an expirement…I wanted to see if I could advertise there and not get booted off…I nearly did.  😉  It is a good catalouging of some of my fave YouTube community bondage clips that don’t seem to get deleted, tho.  😉


Ah, me.  Just edited my last Angel set.  Gotta tell you, this is a sad moment for me…she’s officially retired and there’s no chance of working with her to create more bondage magic…damn the luck.  Ah, well…enjoy these shots!!


“What’re you going to do with me?” Angel

The shirt she was wearing that day…just HAD to take this shot…lol.

Kidnapped after a great game of pool… Angel