All posts for the day September 27th, 2009

Well, now, that was a pleasure to wake up to!

One of the Yahoo Groups that I’m at has an annual “Fan Favorites Contest”…Rope_Dreams, specifically…here’s the address:

Well…this year, your very own “Tolstoy” made it to the next round of the competition for “Best Rigger/Photographer”!!  Better still, I and my other winners (Jerry, the “Badman” of NaughtyTies, and James Bertoni of ModelsTied) all recieved “byes” in the competition and have all moved to the FINALS!!

This is a real KICK for me as it’s the first time I’ve recieved any kind of nomination in anything for my rigging/photography work…the fact that it’s a FAN voting contest makes it all the sweeter! 

If you’re not a member at Rope_Dreams, sign up and give ol’ Tolstoy a vote in the finals!  Right now, because of the “bye”, voting in the finals won’t happen until Round 2 of three other competitions (Fave Model, Nicest Breasts, and Best Legs) has completed around October 5th, but you can still join up and vote in those categories!!

“Best Rigger/Photographer”…sigh.  😉