All posts for the day November 3rd, 2009

Are you guys SURE you don’t want a custom set done with Stacie Snow?  REALLY?!  Geez, LOUISE, you should all see what I see…the latest stuff we did was absolutely f’kin’ BRILLIANT.  I’m really loving the latest stuff that she and I put together…some of our sexiest EVER, and considering who we’re talking about, that’s saying something…to top what she and I’ve already done would mean setting the bar HIGH!!  Stacie and I have done some fan-freaking-TASTIC stuff before; this time…just OMG.  And the VIDEO!!!!!

This girl’s gonna give me a freaking heart attack while editing stuff today. 😉

As usual, Tolstoy’s talking too much…have a look!

CURVES!!! (And nice boobs too. ;)) Stacie Snow

Resigned to her fate… Stacie Snow

Ah, GEEZ…not the frikkin’ ball gag again… Stacie Snow

Yes, dear…the frikkin’ ball gag again. Ain’t I a stinker? 😉