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I originally wrote this at Stacie’s Yahoo Group…reproducing it here for you all to read as well.

Spent a good portion of the day with our lady (Stacie Snow) today…she had a bondage shoot with a “new” (meaning, this was the first shoot they’d had together) producer, El Coyote.  It’s great that she wants me to be there for her for these new shoots…I’m only happy to oblige.

Well…we get there (and with my piss poor navigational skills, it was a small miracle I got there at all…lol), we walked in and introduced ourselves…and when I saw a pic of Coyote on the wall, according to all of them, I lost all the color in my face…and the ability to speak as well.  So what was so shocking that could drive “Tolstoy” Tony speechless?

Coyote and I went thru school together.  And when I say “school”, I don’t just mean high school…I mean our entire fraggin’ education…elementary school, junior high school AND freakin’ high school!  When we graduated high school (in 1983), we lost touch…and haven’t seen each other since.  TWENTY SIX years later, here we are…BOTH bondage photographers!!

The AZ school system must’ve been turning out some interesting people when he and I were passing thru it…lmao!

So, what did I mean by the title of this entry? (At Stacie’s Yahoo Group, this was titled, “Writing this because Stacie said I would” or something like that.)  In the post-shoot wrap-up, we were talking, and Stacie mentioned that I was gonna blog about this as it really is an interesting set of circumstances…I mean who KNEW, right?  How could you know???

The blog’s my next stop.  😉

So…not only Facebook can reunite old friends…apparantly, bondage can as well.  Kinda cool, no?

So, OK…that’s my “Tolstoy” for the evening…we now return you to your regular Stacie Snow Yahoo Group.  (I just wish the so and so had told me he was interested in bondage way back when…lmao!!)

Amused with life,
Tolstoy Tony, TucsonTied