All posts for the day December 1st, 2009

TolstoyTony, TucsonTied, here…hiya!

 For no reason am I called “Tolstoy” (lol), and I figured out yet another way to let my inner expressiveness explode on electronic paper.  Going to be writing these little snippets, along with a pic, to tell you all what the latest updates to the main TucsonTied site are.
Tomorrow finds the site gifted with the lovliness of Stacie Snow in some uber-tight bikini bondage.  When people ask me what the tightest work of my 3 year career is…I mention two things: Sasha…and the bikini work that I did with Stacie.  We did some of the most kick-ass tight bondage I’ve ever done…and some of the absolute BEST.  The bikini…the brown rope…those absolutely perfect boobs…and the tight, TIGHT bondage that we did…ah, me.  I consider this work the highlight of my career…and definitely something you shouldn’t miss!
Check the pic out, then wander on over to the Main TucsonTied site and have a look!!

TIGHT bikini bondage!

TolstoyTony, TucsonTied