All posts for the day December 3rd, 2009

Tomorrow at TucsonTied is a BONUS day…not one but TWO updates to the site, both pictures and video!

Working with Kimberly Marvel is always a highlight in my day…when Kim shows up in my shooting schedule, I always wind up beaming all day and grinning from ear to ear…this is one of my favorite shoots.  Kim and I shot some great bikini work that day…as a matter of fact, some of our all-time best!
For the video, the lovely Nikki Darling brings up the gold standard in a struggle video that’s so hot, that when I shot it I almost couldn’t shut off the camera!  Nikki struggles mightily in a gold dress and heels that rides up a bit…this one was a scorcher!
Two updates at TucsonTied tomorrow…have a look!
TolstoyTony, TucsonTied

Kimberly Marvel


Darling Nikki