All posts for the day December 4th, 2009


 Just had to share this with you…just got off the phone with Stacie Snow, yakking about when we’re going to go and get Candle from the airport and other things…soon as I hang up with her, I get my oversized ass back to cleaning my apartment in preperation for it.

 Got my iPod hooked up to my stereo and am blasting away the tunage, and up comes Santana on the rotation with “Smooth”…one of my all-time fave songs…I actually started dancing while pushing the mop back and forth…doing the best my uncoordinated can to KIND OF dance and hit the air guitar.  Add to that image, I’m wearing pants from two “overweights” ago than now fit me big and look a little “gangsta”…

 😀  😀  😀  Thank GOD the vid cam is properly stored away….!!!

 OMG…up came Rammstein with “Du Hast”…I’m toast.  (dances in computer chair while typing)

 Should be cleaning, acting the goofy fool…;)