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The GORGEOUS Lola Lynn

Well, the shoot season for TucsonTied is coming to a close…only going to shoot with Stacie Snow one more time next week (for a custom), then call it over.  I’m thinking about a couple month break to allow my money to catch up to my bills (lol), but we’ll see just how long I last it out.  😉

Anyway, I shot with Lola Lynn today…what fun!!  we’d been talking about a shoot for a while…and when my buddy El Coyote was able to arrange a shoot with her, they mentioned that she was gonna be in the area…would I like to shoot with her too?


Secretary Lola has been kidnapped…

Well, that was a no-brainer…lol.  It happened today, and was QUITE a shoot!  Coyote was there and shot a TON of “Behind The Scenes” stills for me…which is GREAT as Lola is quite a character and the pics truly showed it.  She was a BLAST to work with, and I hope our paths cross again soon for some more shooting!

We did two looks… “secretary”:

Lola Lynn

And a casual, “snatched off the streets” look:

Lola Lynn

She was AMAZING to work with…a total dream and a BLAST.  We had a hoot, laughing and joking the entire way.  You wouldn’t have known it was a first shoot; we clicked that well.  I truly hope to have more of these and the pleasure of working with her mulitple times…she’s truly the best!

You know you’ve got a great gal on your hands when she “mugs” for the ID shot (a pic taken of the model holding her ID)…she gave me one that was so cute, I wanted to bust up laughing.  😉

Lola…FABULOUS shoot…hope to see you again soon for many, MANY more of them!!  <3 ya!


OK, not one but TWO blog entries tonight!!  I’ve been lazy, so you deserve it…lmao!

Bikini’ed Candle Boxxx

Candle Boxxx…OML (Oh, My, LORD).  We had been communicating since September, and the shoot finally happened just last week.  THREE MONTHS of almost constant communication between us at ModelMayhem, Instant Messaging, Text Messaging, and finally phone conversation all came to fruition in a WONDERFUL shoot!  I can’t remember having a better time with so wonderful a person…this shoot was AMAZING!

Candle is becoming quite the popular lady of late…and with good reason as she’s fantastic at her job and a wonderful person to work with.  A beauty for the ages…stunning figure, a gorgeous bod and a smile that can warm your heart.  And her voice…OML, I was sad when I had to gag her (lol)…that happens rarely.

Bikini Bound Candle Boxxx

Candle and I met thru ModelMayhem…no, wait, that’s not right…Stacie Snow first suggested that Candle and I work together, and I am so glad I listened.  What followed that suggestion was a whirlwind of communication where we not only began to click as model and photographer, but as friends as well.  Candle is one of those rare people that a producer meets in his career that not only inspires him as an artist, but enriches him as a person as well.  I can truly say that my life has definitely taken an upswing after meeting her…I’m more confident in myself as a producer and as a person as well.  She’s definitely been great for the ol’ ego, and has enriched me in ways that I don’t have enough electronic paper to describe properly.  Suffice it to say, I enjoyed being around her every second, and hope to do so again very soon in the near future.

OWIE!!! Pink rope elbow bondage with Candle Boxxx

I knew this was gonna be great from the moment Stacie Snow and I picked her up from the airport…we were laughing with each other like as if we were old friends who all knew each other for years!  We (and that’s a “three” in that “we” as Stacie was present for the shoot and I also shot with her as well) probably talked more than shot pictures…but it was well deserved and much needed.  It was a complete blast!  Just three friends hanging out, talking about life and the many mysterious ways it works, shooting pictures of bound and gagged chicks…isn’t that the way life ALWAYS works?  😉

Taking her to the airport was a drag…I almost wanted to keep her here forever…lol.  It was a lovely drive (and I got there without losing my way…major feat for me…YES!!!) with us laughing and punning all the way.   OY…I almost forgot about that…Candle (in my opinion) is the best at a pun…better than anyone I know at coming up with a clever pun at a moments notice…which is a talent I wish I had (tho I’m pretty good too).

“You better be good, Candle, or I’m not untying you.” Stacie Snow disciplines Candle Boxxx…

Anyway…we got into my car, I gave her a Diet Coke (her drink of choice) for the road, and off we went.  After I dropped her off, she was still slurping on the soda she had, so I kept the “for the road” one, hugged her goodbye and watched her head into the airport.  Got about halfway home before I had to make the lame “Somebody must’ve smoked in the car” excuse for brushing back a tear (which is even lamer when you realize that I’m the only one I’m making excuses to…lol), then I popped open the Diet Coke can and said to myself, “This one’s for you, Candle.”  After which I took a sip and nearly retched, saying, “She LIVES on this stuff?!”

Gawd, that crap is horrid.  Blech!


Lovely experience…wouldn’t trade it for the world!  Luv ya, lady!