All posts for the day April 4th, 2010

 I kinda sorta want this. I mean…I’m not even really sure why. When these things’ve gone on for the last 3 1/2 years I’ve been doing my site, I hadn’t really thought about it much. I mean, what is The Bondage Awards, really? OK…it’s a bit of a contest.

There’s several categories…I figure I’m good for “best rigger” or “best paysite”…maybe even “best photographer”. Or only one of those categories….I dunno.

That’s where you, my fans, come in. I’m hoping that you can give me your vote in this contest. This is only a nominating stage at the moment…to be frank, I’d be happy just to get NOMINATED…lol. They keep missing me for some reason…and I keep forgetting to ask for a re-count and a check for non-falling “chads”. 😉 Seriously…drift by their site, and give ol’ Tolstoy a nod in the contest. Vote for me if you can…I’d appreciate it. 😀

 Off to vote for some of my faves myself…