All posts for the day April 12th, 2010

What a FUN day!  Spent some time communing with the Arizona desert today.  Y’think I’d remember to wear a hat, but noooo.  Ah, well…the redness on my skullcap’ll go down in a few days, followed by some AWESOME peeling!  Exciting, that.  😉

Well, it’s not bondage, but wanna see a few pics I took?  If anything, it’ll prove to all you mooks that still seem to think that Tucson still exists in Italy by spelling it “Tuscon” that I am in fact in a DESERT here!!!  😉  The desert landscape is still lovely tho…just wanted to share a shot or three.  And we even got to see one of these guys…

Yes, that’s a rattlesnake.

It was a case of us just running into each other.  Lola, ElCoyote and I were hiking out to the spot where he was gonna take pics of her, and we all heard the rattle.  We froze, and this guy came out of the bushes and strolled past us while we all watched him…CLOSELY.  Scary movie, but not as scary as it could’ve been…as soon as we were all aware of each other, he just went on his merry way, and so did we.  There was no “strike” in his posture; he was as surprised at us as we were at him.  Kinda an uneventful event…lol…and a good thing!

Dunno if you all find desert landscape beautiful, but I do…I was taking a lot of cactus pics.  This is a Saguaro cactus…if I remember right, some of the desert’s biggest, if not THE biggest species out here, living for sometimes hundreds of years.  And if you want something to show you the size…

That’s a full-sized Lola walking by one of the catcii.  Check the height on that bad boy, huh?

Just a dog-faced cactus.  Kinda cool, no?  😉 In case you’re wondering why I’m not putting up any of Lola’s shots from her shoot…well, those’re kind of El Coyote’s shots.  You’ll be able to see what he and Lola cooked up once his membership site gets up and running (WATCH THIS SPACE…I’ll keep ya informed).  But since you were nice blog readers and put up with my nature walk (lol), here’s a bondage shot of Lola in my best TucsonTied ropework…

Lola Lynn

Hope you enjoyed the nature walk!