All posts for the day April 25th, 2010

A big THANK YOU to my readers…this blog got NOMINATED in the Bondage Awards!!!  This was outta left field and I’m pleased as PUNCH about it!  BIG, BIG thank you’s to you, my fans, for nominating this site…very cool!  Here’s my post about the awards from my Yahoo Group…

Well, now.  They’ve got a preliminary listing up and I must say it’s a good one!  The nominations are in and I’m pleased as punch not only for me, but for several of my friends as well.  Let me be a bit of humble (lol) and start there…

Best Artist was cool to read…I was expecting my buddy Dave Annis to get in, but color me happy as a clam to see that TucsonTied buddy El Coyote was also nominated…CONGRATS, El!

Unlimited Bondage (my parent company) was nominated under Best Company…sweet!

El Coyote also got a nomination under the Best Rigger category…VERY nice!

And a very special congrats going out to The Monk Of Mayhem (who just had a VERY successful shoot with Stacie Snow here at my place just yesterday) for getting nominated for Best Photographer…way to GO, buddy!

The Best Model category had some interesting stuff too…I’d just like to send out a special congrats to my former webmaster, Brooke Tomas, for getting nominated there…congrats, darlin’!  And allow me a bit of humble pride…Stacie Snow got nominated, and with all the sites that she’s currently on, when you click her name on the nominations page, TucsonTied is the one that comes up…that was a sweet sight to behold!  Congrats out to Stacie!!!

Now, let’s talk about me…lol.

I got nominated in SEVERAL categories:

Best Rigger
Best Photographer
Best Paysite
Best Free Site

The “Free Site” was the biggest kick…the TucsonTied BLOG got nominated!!  What an exciting kick; that came totally out of left field and was totally unexpected, but I’m very happy to see it!

You may have noticed that I’m very gung ho about this awards stuff…well, systems have been implimented to try and make this years awards the best they can be and not have the stigma that past years efforts have had.  This has the potential to be the best one ever, so when the formal list is posted, get out there and VOTE!!

One happy producer,