All posts for the day July 30th, 2010

Can’t post the actual pics of Izzie I have here as they were given to me specifically for Stacie’s Yahoo Group, but I figure it’s OK to link here to there.  That pic was donated to Stacie’s Yahoo Group, along with many others by the FABULOUS JBRoper ( ).

FANS AND PHOTOGRAPHERS OF STACIE: She stuill has limited availability for FetishCon!  If you’d like to work with Stacie and her REAL-LIFE MOM (as I am), contact her at the Yahoo Group listed above for booking details.

If you’re a Stacie Snow fan (and if you aren’t, why not? lol), join up with her Group…I’m the main Mod there, so you’ll get my wordiness along with a lot of other fun, cool and Stacie-related stuff.  😉