All posts for the day August 11th, 2010

FetishCon was a BLAST!!!  Just seeing old friends, hanging out (tho I didn’t do NEARLY enough of that) and just enjoying myself was so, SO much fun!!!  Can’t wait for next year already!But…it’s time to get back to business…already, even!  I’m home less than a week and I have a shoot already (lol), but more on that in a sec.  Firstly, I put up a FetCon pic for the new Group image…Isobel Wren.

Isobel Wren in some TIGHT TucsonTied Bondage

Messaged her about a month before ‘con, expecting her to say, sorry, all booked up, but miraculously, she had availability!!  Of COURSE I took two hours of her time up…in some lingerie stuff and the “little black dress” pic you’ll see at the group.  Be proud of me…I left the pink rope at home.  😀  Also shot with Stacie and Izzie Snow…a sample of that work can be seen at Stacie’s group: Had a GREAT time…can’t wait to shoot with Izzie again, tho Stacie will be seeing me again soon….

But, to tomorrow.  Sasha (no last name…Tucson local) returns to get TucsonTied after about a year and a half layoff…but she (and Dave Annis) tell me that literally no time has gone by for her and she looks exactly the same as when I shot her last.  The only difference will be that now I have money too (lol) and can start bringing her back for more shoots!  Color me excited…Sasha is one of those rare gals that can get her elbows together behind her back without ANY ASSISTANCE AT ALL from me.  CRAZED, right?  Plus, she knows her way around tough, tight bondage (she ought to…Dave Annis introduced her to bondage…lol), so I plan to see where she’s at bondage-wise and have a fabulous shoot!!!  Here’s a bit of Sasha’s last appearance…

Sasha Fae In TIGHT TucsonTied Bondage

What a hogtie! Sasha Fae

For August…I’ll have the extreme pleasure of working with the uber-lovely Cali Logan!!  Cali tells me she’s a bit of a toughie who can easily do elbows together bondage…I plan on testing that theory.  😀  Gonna be a complete BLAST!!!

No definite plans as of yet, but towards the end of September, the loooooovely Tracy Jordan will be stopping by to get TucsonTied as well.  And I didn’t even mention the return of CJ Molina, who just shot with Dave Annis, and I’ve seen the results…OMG, is this lovely Latina SMOKING HOT!!!  I’ll be working with her soon enough…jeez, I need to frikkin’ put on some sunglasses, the future’s so bright around here!!!  Stick around…