All posts for the day August 28th, 2010

YAY!!! After a shit ton of planning and thought, Stacie Snow’s website went
LIVE today!!!

So…let’s allow ol’ Tolstoy to breathe a bit (lol) and talk about this bold

What IS this site? Well, kind of a long story (and would I be “Tolstoy” if it
weren’t?)…StacieSnowBound is just a secondary place to house all of my Stacie
Snow work. I hear it all the time, so feel free to say it…I work with Stacie
a LOT. Why? She’s good, she can readily do the kind of work I want, and for a
while there, she was about all I had available. That has since changed as more
models return…like Sasha, CJ and more other traveling models like Cali Logan
stop by for visits. Kimberly Marvel and I are set for October, by the way. 😉

Check out the “new” logo…kinda cool, no? Stacie Snow from the newly minted “”

Besides…fan response was riding high…I get a lot of orders at Clips4Sale of
just her vids with me. I knew I had a hot seller in Stacie, so I kept hiring
her. In my opinion, I’d be a fool not to, what with the popularity she had with
me. I was still working with other models as well…I was just focusing on
Stacie…2 hours at a time…lol. That’s generally how long my shoots run…so
in one of them, I could generate a BIT of material…but hardly enough to stay
ahead of demand, hence the hiring her back multiple times.

It started to show as the front page of TucsonTied started crowding with Stacie
stuff. It does that occasionally…heck, I can remember a time when half of the
updates page was Kimberly Marvel…and just recently, a full 1/4 of it was
Candle Boxxx. But, Stacie’s stuff was starting to hold out longer…I even had
a complaint at my blog that there was too much Stacie stuff loaded up at

What to do? Create a site JUST for Stacie, that’s what!

My webmaster liked it, I liked it…we went for it. A site focusing on
Stacie…a site dedicated to the housing of my work of her there, which also
allows TucsonTied a bit of room for other models as well.

The demand is there…so why the heck not? She’s a very popular and in-demand
model…we went for it! So, from here on out, my Stacie and Izzie Snow
stuff will be headed straight to StacieSnowBound, while the rest of my work will
go to TucsonTied. Everybody’s happy!

Here’s the kicker…when you sign up at TucsonTied, you get BOTH of the websites
AT THE SAME TIME!! Two kick ass sites, the same rigging and photography that
you all love, all for one price!

I’m excited!!