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From my Fetlife page……


Recently, I became “internet buds” (lol) with bondage legend, John Savage (another by-product of my friendship with Dave Annis…he’s known Savage for YEARS). Well, recently, John asked me if he could start using my work on the covers of his “e-books”…I couldn’t say “yes” fast enough…lol. 😉

The first of these that my work is on is up at the link at the top of this page…love it, love it, love it…LOVE IT!!! Go give the man some “click-traffic” and have a look!!!

Incidentally, here’s John’s website where he markets these:

None of mine are up there as yet, but should trickle onto there as time goes by. 🙂 If you’re a fan of well-written prose and fab bondage…this is the place for you!!! 🙂


***Shooting with Stacie Snow tomorrow…I’ll update the blog after we’re done.  🙂 ***