All posts for the day March 1st, 2011

I owe you guys an entry about my latest Stacie shoot and that’ll come soon…TEASER PIC:

Stacie Snow, about to be Home Invaded


But for now, here’s a reposting from my Yahoo Group with a new place to hang out at…


Something new to the UnlimitedBondage arsenal of wonderful places to go.  Once upon a time, before there was a “TolstoyTony”, there was just “Tony” who was a bondage fan.  I went on a Forum Board (yah, me and forum boards…like that’d ever happen…lol) called the “SweeTies Forum” (no longer out there, by the way) and started socializing with the producers from then-SweeTies, now UnlimitedBondage, and made contacts and friends.  Shortly after starting this Yahoo Group, I was approached by the UB folks, and TucsonTied was born.

My point?

KnottyTalk is going to be a place where you can meet us UB folks and yak it up.  If anything, this is gonna be a thousand times better than it’s predecessor and I’m inviting you all to join up and hang out with us!

Here’s my profile:

TolstoyTony on KnottyTalk

Give it and KnottyTalk a visit and hang out with us!  🙂