All posts for the day June 26th, 2011

Hey, fans and blog friends…time for another entry!!  Ooops…jumped the gun…don’t I usually start these things with a pic???

CJ Molina

There, that’s better.  🙂  CJ and I met thru my association with Dave Annis.  If you’re a fan of his and are saying, “Hey…that looks like ‘Maria'”…well, yah…that IS her…lol.  Don’t remember where the idea came to call her “CJ” at my site…I believe I was driving her to my shoot, Dave in the car, and names just came into the conversation, and “CJ” just came up, and I liked it.  🙂  “Molina” came about as a necessity…

Me: “Worked with CJ today…”

Fan or Fellow Producer: “WOW…when did CJ Belle come out of retirement???  AWESOME!!!”

Me: (barely audible groan…facepalm)

Tossed up the thought of what a nice last name would be to the fans, and one guy came up with “Molina”…I think it reflects her Hispanic background perfectly.  🙂  Was good to work with her again…it’s been way too long inbetween shoots.  I’ve got a hottie like her on the burners, and I don’t fire up the camera???  What’s wrong with me, right???  😉  Truth be told, it’s just a money thing…I’d shoot with her every day if I could, but the money just gets in the way…

Ah, well…you all don’t need to hear my strife.  🙂

The shoot was MAGNIFICENT…CJ is a dream to work with!  She took me at my toughest, and did some great stuff!  Not quiiiiiiite  “elbows together” but damn close…

Elbows “close”….CJ Molina

I’ve found it helps to cross the wrists before drawing the elbows together for some gals…CJ is one of those.  She’s wonderful to work with and took that ropework and much more in stride.  CJ is also one of my favorites to photograph OUTSIDE of bondage, believe it or not…she can “flirt” with a camera like few others.  🙂  Here’s a full body shot…

CJ Molina

She’s got legs, no???  😉  We did some sitting bondage, some kneeling bondage, then, I stood her up…

CJ Molina

The rope to the ceiling is indeed new…and a custom client request.  I’ll try anything once…and it looked pretty cool.  One thing: it’s COMPLETELY theatrical; if it looks tight, I did my job…it’s SUPPOSED to look tight, but really isn’t…I’m not into hurting the gals I work with.  All in good shooting…and as theatrical as a gunshot to the chest in an action movie.  🙂

Had a GREAT time with her…these sets and more will be coming to the site soon!  🙂