All posts for the day June 27th, 2011

Trying out more video…Sasha has worked with me a few times now, but I’m always struck by her grace and beauty…and after she’s tied, by the amount of curves on her body…lol.  This video, in it’s full state, left even ME breathless after it was done…when I finished editing it, i knew it was gonna make some noise…

If you’ve been hemming and hawwing about joining my site, but needed something to convince you, this video is KILLER…give it a look. 🙂


I made up a whole bunch of these “Ad Vids” as I like to call them to advertise my site around the net.  Problem is, the site I usually used them on recently fell to pirates and is no longer a viable source.  Which leaves me with that bunch o’ vids and no place to put them…’cept here.  😉  Trying it now to see how the blog takes video…

By Jove, I think I’ve got it! 🙂

Check it out…see if you like. 🙂