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MY Cheez-It’s…MINE!!!” Stacie Snow

HAD to start out this entry with that pic…it’s so cool and fun!  🙂  Welcome to a bit from my 21st shoot with Stacie Snow!  🙂

Editing the video as I type this…this has to be the BEST Stacie Snow shoot we’ve done!  I couldn’t be more thrilled with the results.  Was working for my custom client (doing so always seems to keep me on my toes), and we put together quite the hot bondage scene.  Black leather outfit, stockings and garters, high heel pumps…VERY nice!  🙂

My client wanted a “progression” bondage…meaning, starting off with her untied, then tying the ankles, then the knees…you get the picture.  🙂  T’was fun to do…and we hadn’t done one of those in quite some time.  I like them; I know how to take just enough pics so I get to the full bondage quick enough.  Above, you see just the ankles tied…here’s the knees…

LOVELY shot! Stacie Snow

And, finally, the full bondage:

NICE, huh? Stacie Snow

We followed this with a sitting bondage, and one of her standing up against the wall to really show off the full effect of the bondage:

WOW! Stacie Snow

Overall, I have to say this is one of the most technically perfect shoots we’ve ever done.  I LOVE the material that got cranked out…she did her usual wonderful job of emoting and getting across the character of the “damsel in distress”, and she looked WONDERFUL doing so.  I hadn’t seen her for close to a month, so it was also nice to re-connect and just pull out a fan-freaking-tastic shoot!  🙂


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