All posts for the day July 15th, 2011

I’m on SUCH a roll; I should be in Vegas right now…

Crazy-Sexy CJ Molina

Just did my best ever shoot with Stacie Snow…and now I follow it up by kicking ass with CJ.  Too good to be true…just wish my next shoot wasn’t so far off…lol.  We got together for one AWESOME time…fun was had by all…even tho I got just a touch rope-crazy…check this arm bind:

Intense arm bind with CJ Molina

Pretty intense, huh?  The hemp/jute rope also adds to that…along with looking completely kick-ass.  🙂  Glad I invested in the stuff…found a really good supplier, so I can get it fairly cheap.  🙂  I like the look of it…it’s intense.


She’s completely awesome!  I just tied her the once for this one and just went to town on the shooting…amazing how much shooting you can get done that way…lol.  The time just flew out the door.  CJ just kept on giving me great look after great look…I think I damn near had a heart attack when I shot this one:

CJ Molina

This gal is several hundred times of awesome, let me tell ya.  🙂   And so easy to work with…just put on the ropes and let the camera do the rest…she’s awesome like that.  🙂  Well…that’s about all for this month; check ya back here around the first week of August when Sasha Fae returns.  Unless I think of something witty to tell you all in a text only kinda way.  😉