All posts for the day August 8th, 2011

OY!!  The vid a few entries down has a bit of a glitch…well, a typo, really.  In communicating to me how she wanted her last name spelled, I somehow got “Fey” instead of the correct “Fae”.    OOPSIE on my part…I’ll clean that up soonly.  On to our regularly scheduled blog.  🙂

Sasha Fae receives her “Best Amateur Model” award!

Isn’t that just the cutest grin???  😉  Hi, blog-fans…welcome to another edition!

HAD to start out with that pic…it summed up the day.  🙂  Shot with Sasha Fae for the site again and it was FUN.  But, I digress…let’s talk a bit about the award.  The Rope_Dreams Yahoo Group (  join up if you haven’t already!) holds an annual fan awards ceremony for several topics (you can get the gist easily…Best model, Best Photographer…etc)…I’ve won a few times…once for Best Photog, and once for Best Costuming.  Well, this year, Sasha Fae won for “Best Amateur Model”, and I am so frikkin’ proud of her.  🙂  She’s really humble about her extreme good looks…seems to consider herself just the average “soccer mom”…lol.  😉  Funny thing…when I talk with the amateurs I work with around town, they don’t even seem to get that they have FANS…Sasha was one of those, but now she GETS it.  😉  That beaming smile wasn’t just for the camera…she was truly touched that she won the award and proud to receive it.  🙂

ONWARD…had Sasha over for another shoot and brother, was it AMAZING!  My loves for “LBD’s” (“Little Black Dresses”) and tape gags took another astonishing leap as we jumped right in…I had found the costuming just hours before the shoot (yay, me and prior award earned…lol):

Sasha Fae From this…

…To THIS! 🙂 Sasha Fae

Goodness, but that gals got LEGS, no???  😉  We tried a few different things…two of which I’ll show you now…a strappado:

Kneeling Strappado… Sasha Fae

and this…a “hands between the legs” pose:

Hands between the legs. Sasha Fae

NICE stuff all around!  🙂  I get to see her again tomorrow as she models for Dave Annis; I’ll say “HI” for all of you…her loving and adoring FANS.  😉  Coming up next: in less than two weeks, I’ll be working with AnnaBelle Lee…and after that…a brand NEW discovery who’s gonna knock you effin’ socks off should all the pieces fall into place.  🙂

Stay Tuned…