All posts for the day September 6th, 2011

That’s been occupying my time a bit of late…and you should check it out to see why.  AWESOME new site I’ve been working behind the scenes to put together and it looks GREAT!

It’s a showcasing of vid snippets (much like the ones I post here at my blog) but from all of the sites of the UnlimitedBondage network of websites, including:

› Badman Videos
› Bondage Damsels
› Bondage Glam
› Bondage Mischief
› Bound In The Buff
› Bound Steel
› BronxTies
› Detective Chronicles
› Eve Ellis
› Female Escape Artist
› Kate Blonde And Friends
› NaughtyTies
› PhMs Tied Ladies
› RopExpert
› SweetTies
› TucsonTied

All videos, all the time.  Give it a looksee?  🙂


Ya’all are so silly.  People come to this blog to see tied up chicks, not buy fake Gucci bags.

(eyeroll and headdesk)

F’Realz, guys…the spam killing program we’ve got going here is awesome and really, REALLY takes care of business…I just deleted 17 posts that must’ve taken you morons hours to write…with one click of the mouse.

I adore laughing at all your ridiculous posts about small penises (which you prolly OWN as well, after all, how can you market a product like a penis pump unless you’re a customer too?), but enough is enough!  Y’all are wastin’ your time here…give it up, k?

T  🙂