All posts for the day July 5th, 2012

I’ll keep this as spoiler-free as possible…and just say I HATED it. 🙁  I’m NOT a credible source tho and know it…I’m WAY too close to the source material (Spidey was my comic collectible when I was growing up and I am VERY protective of his legend and the telling of it in Hollywood…)…and tho I can understand many a jump from it, the movie took WAY too many liberties and went WAY outside the lines towards creating the new Spider-Man universe within the Hollywood world…

I haven’t been this insulted by a comic book movie since the 90’s Captain America movie decided that the Red Skull was an ITALIAN Nazi instead of a German one.  :/

To be fair…there were some cute moments, and Stan Lee’s cameo was the best one he’s done in ages…and the gal who played Gwen Stacy (WHO’S NOT SUPPOSED TO MEET PETER UNTIL HE WAS IN COLLEGE…oh, bloody HELL did you morons even THINK about reading the source material?!) is adorable and a dead ringer for the character (she was prolly the best part of the whole effin’ trainwreck), and there was an occasional laugh or two…but overall, when I felt myself nodding off, I ALLOWED myself to do so, just to get thru the movie’s run time.

The major miscasts were Flash Thompson (didn’t even look like the character…) and Peter Parker himself.  A friend of mine said the actor looked like a “punk”, and I couldn’t agree more…adding that he looked just PERFECT to draw in the “Twi-tards” as he was a dead (inadvertent pun there) ringer for Edward Cullen.  Trying to bring in the “teen angst” crowd (which prolly was why it was set with Peter in high school yet again…tired and bored), eh, movie?  I wonder if Spider-Man was supposed to glitter in direct sunlight…?

This was horrible…and yes, do stay around after the credits for the set-up for the next Spidey movie…which’ll be another tired waste of time.  I sincerely hope that Spider-Man stays WAY away from the glory that the Avengers part of the Marvel franchise is creating…that may ignore the source material to a degree, but in a more respectful way and can draw in fans of the comic book AND the movie genres…this movie just feels like a defecation on the legend of Spider-Man.  🙁


PostScript: On a personally creepy moment…I had my cell phone set to “vibrate” and with the sound off, neatly packed in my pocket as the movie was playing…at the EXACT moment Peter got bit by the spider, my phone vibrated.  That creeped me right the fcuk out.  😉