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There’s a Tumblr member who has some of my work up.  Blurry, out of focus pictures that make me look like a crap photographer…I am not pleased.  The guy involved has been in contact with me and wants to help…but I can’t send him links as the site won’t allow me to send him links to specific pictures I want removed.  Plus, I couldn’t respond to the specific message thread that I started with him…there was no way for us to continue the specific thread…I had to start a NEW one.

How fucking Draconian is THAT?!

Christ…Tumblr seems to want members not to be able to communicate with each other, and it makes life difficult.  PLEASE, if you wanna re-post my stuff, use ACCURATE depictions of the work and not blurry, reposted a thousand times ones…makes me look terrible!  🙁


EDIT:  Bad pics are removed and good ones still up.  🙂  I’m starting a Tumblr blog of my own now, you all are invited to have a look:

Gonna start it with a reposting of the Kobe story.


You might’ve noticed in my last post with pics that Kobe Lee’s pics were absent.  Well, there was a reason…

Got to thinking about it and Kobe’s pics were much more thematic than the rest of my sets, so this gave me an opportunity to let my literary self flex a bit.  My custom client gave me an idea of what he wanted to convey with these pics and I thought, why not ride with it a bit? (Click on the pics to see the Tour Page of and sign up!)

Kobe Lee

Kobe Lee – “The Abduction”

“Another night, another meeting”, thought executive Kobe Lee as she returned to her hotel suite.  They were all beginning to bore her; even tho this trip was something of a working vacation, the “working” part of it was getting to her.  She understood that she was the best from the company to represent them, but the who she was representing them to…...

That damn pervert Murrow!  His eyes were all over her the entire night!  He tried his best to hide it, but if it wasn’t her breasts, it was her legs, if it wasn’t her legs, it was her feet, if it wasn’t her feet it was her ass…GOD!  It was all she could do to not remind him that her eyes were up above her breasts and he should look at him there every now and again; would’ve lost the company the lucrative contract, but the satisfaction from doing it would’ve almost balanced it off.  Almost.

There was one odd one, tho; a big brute of a man.  He just seemed out of place…like he didn’t belong there.  Did look good in a suit, tho…in a menacing sort of way.  And while his eyes were certainly on her, he was much more classy about it…darting glances that tried to attract her attention without actually doing so.  He may have been another pervert, but at least he was being cordial about it.

It HAD to have been him that sent her a drink…it just had to.  She even for a bold face minute considered making conversation with him, but when she looked to where he was standing before, he was gone.  Completely vanished…disappeared into the crowd; very mysterious.   Too bad for him.

An hour later found her yawning and stretching in the hotel room.  Making small talk was unbearable, but she needed to maintain a good company presence.   She was just starting to feel comfortable with being IN for the night when something in the shadows moved…

Kobe Lee, startled

“Behave and you won’t be hurt, Kobe Lee…”











“Well, hello again, sweetheart,” he said with a menacing smile.  “Fancy us meeting here, huh?”  He shook the knife in his hand, trying to bring her attention to it.   “”This knife here keeps things quiet and without any screaming by you, understand?”

“Please don’t hurt me…I’ll be quiet!!!”  Her eyes locked on his…it WAS the brute from the party!  “You…you were downstairs…at the party…”

“Ah, you recognized me…figured you might.  Should’a wore a mask to do this, I suppose, but the damn things itch too much.” His face contorted as he thought about it.  “Won’t matter much where you’re going, darlin’…you won’t be able to finger me.”

“PLEASE…nothing’s happened at this point except breaking and entering…if you just leave now, I SWEAR I won’t tell a soul about this!”

“You’re good at your job, Miss Contract Negotiator,” he said with a small smirk, “But that’s not going to happen.”

He knew about her!  He knew her job and what she was doing at this conference!!  What was going on here??  What was happening?

“Please…I don’t understand; why are you here?  Are you robbing me?  I SWEAR I won’t try to get away, just please don’t hurt me…”

“Rob?” the intruder said with a look of amusement on his face.  “Hadn’t even THOUGHT of robbing you, really…but I suppose an important girl like you has a goodly amount of money on her, not to mention great industrial secrets about your company I can put out there on the black market…”

She didn’t want to ask, but she had to know…  “You’re not going to rape me, are you…?”

“No…this isn’t a part of this at all,”  he said and put the tip of the knife on the tip of her nose, “…but that IS a threat on the table if you don’t behave yourself, do you understand me?”  She nodded. “Good.  That’s someplace we both don’t want this going, Kobe…this is an abduction and nothing more.”


“Yes…you’re being kidnapped.”

So…now it was clear to her.  KIDNAPPED?  WHY?! 

“What?  WHY?!”

“You’ll learn about that soon enough, doll…I have a few calls to make; have to let people know I have you.  And to do that, I’m gonna have to tie you up.  Can’t have you running off, after all.  Put your back to me.”  She did as she was asked to and felt rough lines of rope pinning her wrists together, keeping them behind her.  He then pushed her down roughly on the corner of the bed and quickly bound her ankles together, crossing them as he did so.  Some rope was added above her knees…she winced each time he cinched the ropes tight, ensuring she wouldn’t be able to run away from him.  He added one final rope beneath her breasts, pinning her arms to her body, then stood back to admire his work…

“Nice and tight…just how the client likes it.”  CLIENT?! That didn’t sound like an abduction for MONEY…what was happening here???  “One final touch, honey…” he said and produced a long strand of white cloth with a knot tied in the center.

“No…please don’t gag me…I’ll be quiet; I promise!!!” she pleaded, but it was to no avail…

Kobe Lee’s wrists being tied by her abductor…

“No…please don’t gag me; I’ll be quiet, I promise!!” Kobe Lee











Kobe Lee in full bondage…

After roughly gagging her, he unceremoniously pulled down the front of her dress to reveal her breasts (so much for him being polite about his glances before…), then roughly shoved her lengthwise on the bed to deal with her predicament.  She thrashed about this way and that trying to find some comfort from the tightness of the ropes but found them unforgiving.  She cried thru her gag for mercy…but that only seemed to cause a satisfied smile to cross his lips.  She pleaded with her eyes for release, but found him unyielding…

Instead, he sat on the bed next to her, and after a slap on her ass of satisfaction of a job well done, he got out his cell phone and dialed it.  “Yeah, she’s mine, now,” he said to the person Kobe presumed was the man who orchestrated her kidnapping.  “She’s getting used to the idea of being tied and gagged…who knows, she might actually LIKE it…”

“Fccck yuuuu…” she mouthed thru the gag as best she could.

“Then again, maybe not.”   He laughed at that and slapped her on the ass again.  “Yeah, I have the box of stuff you gave me; haven’t looked at it as yet,” he said, talking to his unknown boss once again.  He put the phone down, opened a small box and smiled at the contents within, then picked up the phone and looked at her menacingly.  “Kobe says, ‘Awwwww, you SHOULDN’T have!’ at all this NICE stuff you gave us to play with!!”  Terror struck her as what he said sunk in…  “Relax, I’ll use every piece of it.  She’ll be delivered to you as you asked her to be…..”

How WAS she to be delivered?  The story will be continued when I do more edits of Kobe Lee’s FetCon material with me…..


Good Vibrations, indeed….


When used for intimate play between a loving couple, they can be fun…when a gal’s passing time by herself, there can be enjoyment as well.  Combined with bondage by this photographer….

Frustrating at times.  :/

Some of my fans like it, others hate it, most don’t understand it.   It took me a bit before it went from custom client request to personal like, but it’s there now; I can dig it.  I understand the “science” of it and can roll with it, and I just, in a pic, recently had it WELL defined by a fan…let’s talk about these little noisemakers and how they’re utilized in my way in the photography.

Is that vibrator in the crotch rope bothering you in a “good” way, Sasha Fae? 🙂

I have to say I’m a little amazed at how much outcry those little guys cause.  :/  Delving into the origin of it all…I have a custom client who requests this little addition to all his shoots.  He likes the look of them and the imagining of what they’re doing to the captive throughout her captivity.  It’s his like and I “get” it too; it’s pretty cool and a nice addition to things.  But, I DO get a lot of questions, ranging from “Does it work?” to “What…are you trying to give the girls’ bellybuttons orgasms???”  Let’s dive in.

Awwww, Stacie Snow…is that vibe messing with you, hon? 🙂

They’re meant to be an agitant.  An agitator…something that messes with the captive’s head and frustrates her.  A fan put it this way on one of my pics at FetLife:

Well just really thought about it when answered the question about it vibrating or sending vibes in the rope, I thought that is as good as holding the vibe down where one normally would think and doing a tease and denial, this is a way cooler way too. 🙂

“Tease and denial”…I like the way he phrased that; pretty much describes the situation.  It’s also meant to keep the captive still and quiet; the vibrations DO travel down the rope and hit all the places where the rope goes, and after HOURS of being tied like that with that little buzzer going…well, at least that’s the “fantasy” level of it, at least.  I only run the vibes during the shooting of video, mind you.  Moving around would only cause the rope to tighten and the sensations to intensify…so the gal stays still.

Drea Morgan…feeling all the vibrations from that? 🙂

And it works, too.   Kimberly Marvel, when I first did a shoot with her with the vibe in place as I’m doing it jumped a little…she was not only surprised that it worked, but how well it worked.  Another thing that the FetLife commentator said was that they were becoming close to being my “signature” in the bondage…almost as well as a watermark in a pic.  I’m one of only two photographers doing it after all…if you have trouble identifying my work, this is CERTAINLY one way of telling.

So, yep, they work when used, folks…believe it or not.   Only thing I have to do is find one that’ll be loud enough to overpower the noise made by my air conditioner…lmao!  🙂

Creating vibes thru the bondage industry,


Been hinting/teasing…now, here they are.  Gonna shut up and let you enjoy some sneak peeks at some of the material I generated at FetCon.  🙂  Click the pics of Isobel Wren and Drea Morgan to see the Tour Page of…the Candle Boxxx pic blows up in full size!  🙂

Isobel Wren

Isobel Wren












Candle Boxxx


Drea Morgan

Drea Morgan












Drea Morgan

Sasha Fae From “Bikini Model? BONDAGE Model” Click the pic to buy this from UnlimitedBondage On Demand

Hey all! Starting off your weekend right with another TucsonTied one-hour bondage vid! There’s still a liiiiiiitle left in what can be called “bikini season”, right? This video provides some GREAT bikini bondage action with Sasha Fae!

Bikini Model? BONDAGE Model!!

Here’s the description from the above link…

It seemed like an ordinary bikini photo shoot for model Sasha Fae. Just pose this way (camera flash goes off), pose that way (camera flash)…the ordinary run of the mill photo shoot. After it was over, tho, it took a different twist…  Her photographer remembered that she had asked for more shoots…and he said he had another one…but this one was bondage. He showed her a contract…the money looked GREAT…why not?

So, she let herself get tied up and gagged (and HARD tied, to boot) for his cameras…but what had the curvy, sexy, leggy brunette gotten herself into…???

This full length video features standing bondage, sitting bondage, hogtie, ball gag, cleave gag, tape gag, crotch ropes, and elbows welded together.

$25.99…available NOW at UnlimitedBondage On Demand!   “Bikini Model?  BONDAGE Model!”


GEEZ…hello, customer “service” rep?  If you don’t let me tell you what my issue is and continue to talk over me about all your great and wonderful shit, how’re you gonna find out what’s wrong so we can fix it?  I hate that!

You call customer service to tell them that you have a problem and instead of listening to you, they talk non-stop at you!  Aren’t you, as a “service” rep, supposed to L-I-S-T-E-N to find out what problems I’m having, HELLO?!

Godhavemercyonmymisbegottensoul!  😉

Thanks for letting me vent.  🙂


Alright, kids…let’s yak for a bit.  🙂  Don’t worry, I’ll throw ya a pic here and there so it isn’t all booooooring text.  I do have a bit on my mind, tho, so be aware of that…this may be a long one.

I’m aware of the nature of the Internet.  Once posted, a pic can’t ever really disappear from the net…if it’s up there, it’s UP THERE.  Not to mention it’s in the cache or hard drive of every person who’s seen it…again, I understand this.  But recently, a Tumbl’r blog came to light…and I have to say I’m damn mystified at the concept.  As I wrote in a blog at FetLife (where the thing broke), I just don’t get it.  This paragraph summed it up…

When I post my works, it’s because I thought either my photography or the model’s posing/emoting, or the ropework, or a combination of all (usually, it’s a combination of all) were superior and I want to show it off…what does Tumbl’r do other than show off someone’s ability to copy and paste???

I just don’t get the concept.  Why not just get yourself a camera, hire yourself a model, and create your OWN work instead of archiving other people’s stuff?  This blog was BOGGLING…it’s HUGE!  5 pics at last count from me (my browser crashes when I read too far into it)…and I’m kiiiiinda OK with it.


Pic break! Sasha Fae from the movie, “Sasha Fae’s Ardent Fan”

“Kinda” in that the person didn’t crop off my watermark so that people can see where the work comes from.  I’d like it much more if the person was to credit the site with a link back to my site and credit the model in the shot.  So…all that said, let’s talk about the re-posting of my work.

I don’t get Tumbl’r…it just looks like a way of showing off how well you can copy and paste to me, actually…but if you wanna do this stuff and use my work on it, or on other sites like FetLife, Facebook or the like, I just ask a few things…

  • Contact me here, please.  It does me proud to know the work is loved!
  • Don’t remove the watermark!  Let people see where you got the pic from.  🙂
  • Post a link back to TucsonTied or StacieSnowBound so I can get any web traffic.
  • CREDIT THE MODEL INVOLVED!  That’s IMPORTANT to me…I want it known who the pic is OF.

The last one is pretty crucial to me.  The models deserve credit for their hard work…please, if you can’t do me a kindness, at LEAST do them one; they work hard at their craft.  🙂


Stacie Snow from the bondage film, “Stacie Snow’s Kinky Parole Officer”

Not much, really, I think.  It’s just common courtesy, and it does both me and the models tons of good.  I’ve heard folks say that they do this kinda stuff to show that they love the work…how can you love the work and not want to help the artists involved to continue to make the work?  Makes little sense to me.

So, again…if you wanna post my stuff elsewhere, follow the steps above and please show us making the pics and vids you all love a touch of kindness when you do.  🙂  Thanks!