All posts for the day August 2nd, 2012

Text only this time…I’m on the cell phone and killing time until a lecture on 2257 I’m attending. 🙂

So, I survived the flight…lol. Southwest Airlines earned a lifetime customer in me…it was a MAGNIFICENT flight..the most comfortable I’ve ever had! Getting in was amazing…so many faces to see! Got to briefly chat with JBRoper and at least get to see Jasmine Valley (model he works with…I’d like to as well)…hopefully tonight at the Meet & Greet, I get to talk with her as well.

Last night, I just felt like crashing…was kind of on the tired side; maybe a touch of jet lag. I DID manage to edit a BUNCH of Candle Boxxx videos, tho…you all are going to LOVE the material I shot with her! 🙂

Like I said, I’m just killing time for the moment before going in to see a lecture given by my very good friend and lawyer, Rob (the only good lawyer out there…lol); it starts in about an hour or so. I just now got to meet Lew Reubens and touch base for my shoot with Drea Morgan…quite the honor when someone so distinguished in the field looks at little guy you and recognizes you! 🙂

More later as the day goes by and I see and do more stuff…