All posts for the day August 5th, 2012

Did I really just pay $2 for a candy bar???  Fcuking hotels…

Hiya, kids!  Just doing a quick (well, quick for ME, anyways) blog post so you all know I’m not dead or anything…lmao!  Just a few quick thoughts…

Funniest moment of my con…I unplugged a light from an extension cord, then plugged the light in and no light/no joy.  Looked over the light and the bulb was fine…looked over the light an it was fine…then glanced down and saw that I had plugged in the now-unplugged to anything extension cord…OY!  I’m still chuckling about that one!

Funniest line…we were talking typing styles, and a friend chimed in with, “I’m a pecker.”  It was too easy…I didn’t respond.  😉

“Stoopid” moment: I’m not 100% sure as yet, but I think I may have left my prescription sunglasses at Candle Boxxx’s house.  Grrrrr…still looking around my room and hopeful that I actually left them in Tucson…I look bad ass in those things.

It was WONDERFUL to reconnect and connect with so, SO many people and I’m so happy to have gone!  Got one more shoot ahead of me with the uber-lovely Drea Morgan…that’s gonna be AWESOME!  Happens in about an hour and a half, so I might just wander downstairs and kill time before that.  🙂

I took in three talks this year…one by my lawyer friend Rob and one by model Kobe Lee.  I was really impressed with both of their informativeness and the professionalism in the delivery; I learned a lot about the law and some stuff about what it means to be a model.  AWESOMELY done by both!  I’ll prolly make these a normal thing from here on out!

Gonna go for now…samples sometime tomorrow when I get back in Tucson!