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This was really fun…they say if you can stay in a car with someone for a long period of time without killing each other, there’s a basis for a lasting friendship there…well, Dave Gibson (of and I proved that in spades…lol.  Atlanta to Tampa in as little stops as possible…fun ride!  Makes me wish we’d gotten a group picture to chronicle it all…  🙁

We were split up in two cars…Dave Gibson and I in one, Candle Boxxx and Dominic Wolfe in the other.  We were on the road for MANY hours, just chatting away about various industry stuff, and life stuff in general.  Stopped off fairly early once for our first pit stop…possibly some “TMI” here, but as I urinated, Dom Wolfe let out a roar of laughter and said I had “Oh, GOD, that was a good piss” look on my face…lmao!  After that stop, we hit the road again…and had our first bit of “fun fail”.

We had been listening to Dave Gibson’s iPod at this point, and he suggested that I plug in mine.  Did…and started to hit him with a barrage of Linkin Park.  Song after song after song…  Now me, I’m a major fan of their music (Thank you for that, Angel!), so I wasn’t bothered…but Dave?  Eh, 5 songs in a row is a bit much…lmao!  So, I checked my iPod…and instead of checking off “Shuffle” for the entire selection of tunes on my iPod, I’d shuffled just the Linkin Park tunage!!  LMAO…too funny!  I got the feeling that my tunes were a bit too “pounding” of a beat for him at times, but there was enough of a classic rock beat to keep us both going.  🙂

We stopped next at a restaurant that I now wish we had in Tucson…but I’ll be damned if I can remember the name…something about “steakburgers”.  But, it was one of the best burgers I had during the trip and definitely the best fries!  Geez…I spend for-EVER waiting for “In-N-Out” and “Five Guys” to hit town and now another freaking one.  🙁

It was at this part of the trip that the “white knuckler” in me got tested, in the form of RAIN.  OY!  Now, in AZ, we have monsoon storms that come down in buckets, but have never driven in one; we got caught not once but TWICE like that on the road!  The HIGHWAY, yet!  Dave knew what he was doing and I never doubted his abilities for a second…but it was still unnerving to be driving in a storm like that.  🙁  BEAUTIFUL countryside…a really lovely area of the states; it was fun as all get out.  I SO want to do FetCon like this again next year…it was completely amazing!

We hit the hotel around 2 pm ish and checked in…wound up in room 405.  🙂  After settling in, I went to the bar and set about the task of meeting up with people.  Right away, I saw Jerry, the Badman and his lovely, lovely wife Paige Turner of NaughtyTies fame ( right after their shoot.  Dave and I were going to link up with them after we arrived and see their new house, but the two of them were going to be packing for the hotel stay (they live in the area and stay at the hotel for the duration of the con) all night and wouldn’t be too much company, so we passed.  I next found my good, good buddy Rob of Rope_Dreams Yahoo Group fame (  Rob is a lawyer (don’t hold that against him!  ;)), and slated to be giving talks during the con about 2257, obscenity and other legal topics confronting the adult material producer today…I had high hopes that they would be nothing short of brilliant (I was right!), and we spent some time chatting.  Good to chat with him in person for a change!  We talk almost daily about legal stuff (I consider myself a “closet lawyer”, especially about copyright issues…that stuff is so fascinating to me!), but I told myself that I was gonna relax that during the trip…he WAS on vacation, after all!  🙂

The next thing that happened was the Meet & Greet!  The first real event of the ‘con, it’s where we all get together and say hello before drinking ourselves silly!  LOL…just kidding…but there was some of that.  I wandered the floor for as long as my poor, tired body allowed and saw a lot of friends and people I consider family as well.  I just wish my stills camera was behaving…I’ve spoiled it too much for lit photography…lmao!  The darkness was making it go crazy and after a few failed pics, I just decided to enjoy the event and made a mental note to figure out wtf was going on.    Caught up with the likes of Vivian Ireene Pierce, Isobel Wren (be blogging about her soon…), JJ Plush and Evelyn Rose (both of which and I all share the same birthday…and we share it with the Marquis de Sade…),  Serene Isley, David Andrews, JB Roper…and made new friends in Sgt. Major, Ivan Boulder , Angelique Kithos and Ted Michaels (Angelique was taller than me in heels and I wasn’t expecting that…it was a touch intimidating…lmao!), Mr. Ogre, Alice Marion and tons more…and saw way, way too many models I wanna shoot…and soon!  🙂  Jasmine Valley tops that list…that gal really impressed me.  🙂

Here’s a few snaps…

Candle Boxxx (left), Lila Lasher (center), Gigi (right).

Jasmine Valley (need to work with her…), tied by David Andrews













Serene Isley

Lew Reubens and Drea Morgan











I hung out and talked with some more industry folks for a bit until finally Morpheus demanded my attention (props to you if you got that ref!) and finally retired to bed for the day.  Poofy, fluffy bed too…with 5 pillows!  Looking back, I made the mistake of getting the largest bed available…should’ve went smaller and given myself more shooting space, D’OH!  Ah, well, it all worked out.  Tomorrow, more about the ‘Con…and just to whet your whistle…

Kobe Lee, nude and desperate…

How did lovely, LOVELY Kobe Lee wind up in this state???  Find out in the next blog…


This would be WAY too long to do in one post…so I’m gonna break it up into several and release them on a day by day schedule, starting today with the beginnings of the trip.

The whole trip started on Monday, Aug 30th, with the flight out.  Since it left at 6 am and I needed to be in the airport by 4, sleeping didn’t even seem like an option…just catch my Z’s on the plane.  So, I stayed up and jammed on “Grand Theft Auto IV” until it was time to go.  Cool game, actually…there’s even a section in it with bondage as your character kidnaps a daughter of a mobster and holds her for ransom.  Barely any bondage tho…just a gag and her hands tied behind her.  Rumor has it that a “Mob Daughter” might be getting abducted by yours truly and the video being released soon…but that’s another post to the blog.  🙂

Southwest Airlines earned a lifetime customer in me…the flight was WONDERFUL, and on the trip in, I even got ‘Nilla Wafers instead of just the garden variety peanuts and a soda.  🙂  VERY cool!  Took a train ride in to Candle Boxxx’s place, and that was a treat in and of itself!  Tucson needs trains, and right now!  😀  Atlanta has a very wonderful system and it was so cool just riding in and watching the city go by.  BEAUTIFUL city…never seen so much green in my life!  But, as a born and bred “desert rat”, you can expect that.

When I arrived, Candle was shooting with Kobe Lee and Dominic Wolfe, so I just hung out with Dave Gibson, friend and fellow photographer of fame.  Dave is a WONDERFUL guy and a very cool individual…you should check his site out!  🙂  He was glowing about recent shoots with Candle Boxx and Kobe Lee together and Annabelle Genovisi by herself, and showed me his book of prints (something I need to do for myself, actually, and already have a start on)…we had a great time just yakking and catching up.

Eventually, the shoot broke up, and I got to hang out with all of them, then find a room for my time there and just get settled.  🙂  Candle has a LOVELY home…I could work it a full year and not shoot the same angle twice!  🙂  So, we set about shooting the breeze amongst ourselves, then decided on dinner.  Just coming from Tucson, I had something of a taste for a Mexican Food dinner, and we all went to a delightful restaurant and chowed down.  GREAT food…I need to ask her again where that was to see if it might be a chain with a location in my area.  After, we came back to Candle’s and retired for the day…

Tuesday was when the action started up!  SO EMBARRASSED…Candle and I set a 11 am start time and I slept until after 10…so unlike me!  But then again…long flight, and my body was catching up on sleep…I guess I needed it.  I was shooting for a client and he asked for a black dress and heels, Candle provided in spades…

Candle Boxxx

Candle Boxxx

WHAT A SHOOT!!!  We banged out a whole 1 GB card full of images so I’d have PLENTY of Candle Boxxx material for my site for a good long time, and started to call it a day.  “Started”, meaning, we had some time left over and I hadn’t shot Candle tied in her garage as yet.  There was a pols there just WAITING for her to be bound to, and I snarfed it up in a heartbeat!  Only problem was my stills camera didn’t seem to like it down there and was recording badly, so we only got video of that.  🙁  Somewhat of a shame…but it does give me reason to come back another day….. 🙂

After the shoot, we just had a leisurely dinner and crashed early as the next day was going to be “Travel to Tampa” day and start early at 6 am…more in Part 2. 🙂


Here we have a selection of two model shots recently posted to the front page of TucsonTied.  The first one from my early days of photography with Magenta and Jade, the second being Kimberly Marvel and Samantha Grace, surprised and bound at a pajama get-together.  Click the pics to see the Tour Page of TucsonTied!


Magenta and Jade

Kimberly Marvel and Samantha Grace