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Mob Daughter Abducted!

In the latest release from TucsonTied Studios, Stacie Snow portrays a Mob Daughter in trouble…

She tried changing her name to escape from her past. She moved to a new city, got into an apartment smaller than she was used to, all in an effort to distance herself from her father’s Mob connections. It almost worked…but two ambitious kidnappers got wind of the wayward Family girl, and knew that her father would pay handsomely for her return…

“Mob Daughter” Stacie Snow, bound and gagged!  Click the pic to buy this from UnlimitedBondage On Demand

Hauled up, tied and gagged. Scissors are right there on the floor for you, Stacie Snow… Click the Pic to Buy this from Clips4Sale

On-Screen tying and gagging, stringent bondage, high heels, fishnet stockings and garter belts, chair bondage, standing bondage, hogtie bondage and a slight spattering of tickling menace the poor Mob Daughter as she waits for Daddy to pay her ransom so she can either escape or return to the Family…

Available now from UnlimitedBondage On Demand and Clips4Sale!