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Grrrrr…..Saturday started with a bit of fail.  Just before dinner the night before, I tried to put all the Kobe Lee material onto a DVD for my client…but my laptop refused to do it!  Fcuker decided that it couldn’t burn material onto one and demanded a CD…which, of course, I had none of with me.  🙁  Well, bright and early Saturday morning found me walking down to the local CVS Drug Store to buy me some CD’s…only to find them sold out of 5 packs…and the only quantity available being a 50 Pack!!!  Um, no…I’m not buying 50 CD’s when I only need one or two, thanks!  Bought some small supplies (2 liter of Coca-Cola and some Grandma’s cookies) and went to a Fed-Ex store nearby.  Got a 5 pack at a ridiculously expensive price…but at least I was able to now put the material on disc for my client.  🙂  Phew.  🙂

Just after this, I just barely made Rob’s third presentation, which was really a wrap-up compilation of the other two.  Nothing new…but still a great talk about the legal system and adult material.  It was rushed and hurried thru by FC officials that needed the room for something else…kind of a suck for Rob as I knew he had a few things he wanted to say, even if it was a “wrap up”.  The biggest suck came in when an absolutely GORGEOUS gal asked some questions of him and wanted to find out some more stuff…but the whole convo got almost literally shoved out the door and Rob was left with no conversation with her.  I was kinda sad for him…she was HOT!  🙂

Next came my second pass thru the convention floor.  This was the pass that saw me getting a ball gag that was also an “8” ball, as in pool.  Bless Torvea toys for some cool, neat and interesting product!  🙂  I bought this for the next time I see my model friend Angel as she’s a complete pool NUT and can clean your clock for you without even breathing hard….lol.  Maybe someday I can convince her to come back into my rope…only time will tell…we’ll see.  🙂

Anywho, after doing some wishing at some of the other product out on the con floor (and the super-nice Dave Gibson running into me while I was wishing I could find microfoam tape at the con and him very wonderfully gifting me with a roll…he’s so awesome!), I totally wandered into the SuperHeroine Shootout!  It’s a part of the con always held…and was this year hosted by George Perez of comic book (think “Teen Titans” in the 1980’s) fame!  I had met him in an elevator not too long before and was in fanboy AWE of him…and now getting to hear him lord over the proceedings was just as cool!  Anyway…the SuperHeroines came out onto the floor first…with no less than three “Wonder Womans”…lol (Christina Carter, Tomiko and Vivian Ireene Pierce…that I remember; I think there was one more), a gal dressed as Kitana from “Mortal Kombat”, another as Emma Frost of X-Men fame…and Kendra James was in her guise as “Batwoman”;  it was awesome!  While George was introducing the gals, suddenly, the villains broke in!  They mercilessly tied the heroines and took over the show!  I believe there was Mileena (once again, from Mortal Kombat), Candle Boxxx was Cheshire from Teen Titans…eh, memory is failing me right now; there were others.  But the one that stood out was, I believe…the Black Widow.  As a VILLAIN?  I was puzzled at that…  Also had Angelique Kithos standing next to me almost towering over me all intimidating and stuff…lol.  I’m so used to being taller than the gals that it completely throws me off when I meet a gal as tall as I am…I’m weird like that…lol.  😉

Well, once that was all over and done, I headed back to my room to prep for the next shoot I had on my calendar…Isobel Wren!  🙂 I was so excited to get a booking with her…my first time I worked with her, I was so rushed and haphazard…while the material was good, I felt I could do better…this was my chance to do just that!

My custom client from my Kobe Lee shoot had asked if he could sit in on this one…she was only too happy to oblige!  I was hoping to get them to meet each other so they could possibly hammer out other business dealings…turns out they’re also both massive comic book fans as well!  Seems like a theme going here…;)  We all chatted comic books while I worked on the bondage on her.  Yes, true believers; that’s what REALLY happens at bondage photo shoots…the people involved talk COMIC BOOKS the entire time…lmao!  🙂  It was a BLAST and a ton of fun working with her again, as I’m sure the pics show…

Isobel Wren

Isobel Wren struggles furiously…

Isobel Wren struggles took her to the door

After the shoot was over, Dave Gibson and I wound up going to a great seafood place together.  🙂  I’m not much for seafood (other than, “sea food…then eat it”; BAD pun!), but he told me they had things for the “land lubber” as well…lol.  He was able to get into his SUV, but the person next to me was parked too close…had to let him back out.  While he was doing that, we heard a large “BOOM!!!” , and as I stood there, a STRONG whiff of nail polish hit the air…he got out and we looked at the ground around his car…he had ran over a bottle of nail polish remover!  A model had prolly parked next to him and it just spilled out of her bag…just one of the many perils of FetCon!  🙂  Once we got to the restaurant, I had a GREAT chicken breast in corn flake and almond breading, by the way…crunchy and DELICIOUS!!!

Tomorrow, I close out my look at my FetCon 2012 with my shoot with Drea Morgan…

See you for it!  🙂

The UBER-LOVELY Drea Morgan