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WOW…over the last few days, the blog has been BOOMING…thank you!  About 1200 hits a day when it was languishing around a couple hundred…people seem to like what I’m saying…lol.  🙂  I get that you’re here for the pics too; any blog I go to has to have them as well, honestly; and I hope the FetCon series has provided that , along with my overly-written tales of the whole adventure.  I had an AWESOME time and I was happy to share it with you all.  I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed living it!


This hogtie was fcuking amazing! Sasha Fae

The blog is slowly moving its way towards 1,000,000 hits; can you believe that?  A MILLION…wow.  It’s gonna take some time as we’re zooming in on 800,000…but that’s an accomplishment in and of itself…even if a goodly portion of them were spammers…lol.  Nice to know my words are being heard!

So…I should ramble about SOMEthing here.  Hmmmmmmm.  Oh, got me a new iPhone!  🙂  I’m playing the system when it comes to these phones…when the 4 was new, it cost around $700…I got this for $99.  🙂  Why?  Well, the 4s is the new thing (with “Siri” and all)…so they’re trying to get rid of all the 4 phones that they have.  That’s pretty much how they always do it…I’ll always be a design behind, but I’ll be getting the next-to-latest tech at a bargain price!  🙂  When the 5 comes out (rumored to be next month or so), I’ll start considering the 4s….  🙂  It’s a NICE phone, and I’m still getting used to it, but the features are all kick ASS!!  Ince to see some of my fave apps in HD now as well.  🙂

Speaking of HD…I just sent in a TON of new video to the site…all of it in HD.  🙂  TucsonTied has gotten a major overhaul in that respect…every video I shoot these days is in HD, be it for StacieSnowBound or TucsonTied.  🙂  You’re gonna LOVE the video I shot with Candle Boxxx, Kobe Lee, Isobel Wren and Drea Morgan…wow!  🙂  Good time to join the site, actually…

And check out that new header pic of Sasha Fae…wowzers!!!  🙂

Gettin’ kinda sleepy (had a rough time sleeping last night…my left shoulder is really acting up; may have pulled something at the ‘con…owie), so I’m gonna nap now.  Yep, we producers really DO live the life, no?  😉

More later…


Gawd…let me tell you.  Getting home on Monday was nice…but after getting off the flight, collecting my bags and making my way out to the taxi taking me home…the first thing that hit me after leaving the airport was the AZ heat…

Fcuk this, I thought…I’m going the fcuk back to Tampa…lmao!

SERIOUSLY…it was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO hot when I first stepped outside…ach, it was AWFUL!  🙁  Got in the taxi and headed home…got my bags inside and ANXIOUSLY headed to my room to hit the internet on a BIG screen rather than my puny laptop’s screen…only to see that blessed third light on my modem was out, telling me that the Internet was shut off.

Son of a…I prolly cursed in a million different languages at this…but kept my composure long enough to call my ISP and see what was wrong.  The guy from India on the other end of the line gave me the usual “idiot” questions (“Have you turned the modem on and off again?  Is the modem plugged in properly?  Is the modem plugged in at ALL?”) and after we ran thru a few checks, he decided that it was a problem beyond my equipment and was scheduling me a tech to come out.  He wanted at first to schedule it for Tuesday…but during the ‘Con, Sasha Fae and I had scheduled a shoot for Tuesday, so I settled on Wednesday.  🙂  I could go two more days without the Internet…


Fcuk.  🙁

LOL…to round out Monday, I called my buddy Dave Annis and let him know that ol’ Tolstoy was back in town and he headed to my place to have a look at my wild week of shooting.  He decided that Drea Morgan was the shyt and he’s now praying just like I am that she and Lew Reubens wind up coming out this way sometime soon.  🙂  So the rest of Monday passes…and I’m secretly thanking God that Sasha will be showing up with her escort tomorrow as I’d been doing solo shoots all weekend and could use another pair of hands helping move the tied model around…only for her to show up the next day all by herself.

Did the “bondage Gods” suddenly decide to hate on me after FetCon?

😉  I have to admit, it WAS nice to shoot with her one-on-one this time.  🙂  We do a mixture of shooting like that…sometimes she comes by my place escorted, sometimes not.  She rarely shoots unescorted (unless you count shooting as a pair with Stacie Snow as unescorted), so having her show up by herself shows a LOT of trust and faith in me…which I endeavor every day, every shoot, to earn.  I hope I manage to do so.  🙂

So, anyway, we set about shooting and it was GOLDEN!  🙂  She kids me because I keep saying, “Oh, Sasha!  This had to be our best shoot EVER!”…and I have to admit, she’s right…I do wind up doing that too much…mainly because she keeps getting better and better every time we shoot…the pics say it all…

Sasha Fae still for the newest 1 hour production, “Bikini Model? BONDAGE Model!”

Purple cleave gag on the lovely Sasha Fae…

I have to be careful from here on out…Candle Boxxx was kidding me on the trip to FetCon that she THINKS she’s seen Sasha, but has seen more of her elbows than anything else…and all I can say to that is, OK, fine.  😉  I DO wind up pushing that elbows together ability of hers more than anything…but she’s just so damn good at it!  😉  This shoot was kinda cool also as I was able to use a purple cleave gag on her…her favorite color.  When she saw my purple bandanna for the first time a few months ago, she asked me to use it on her (helpful girl, no?  :)), but as the outfit I had put her in was blue…well, the clash would’ve been far too much.  I forgot about it until now…and purple and black seemed an OK color combo, no?  🙂

Anyway…the story this time out was that I’m her photographer and she’s modeling for me (which was QUITE a stretch for us to portray…lol) and I offer her a job modeling bondage.  She’s skeptical at first, but when she looks at the contract and sees the money involved, well, all the inhibitions melt away and she dives in full force.

She’s doing great at it when suddenly the photographer cell phones a friend during the shoot and things take a decidedly evil kinda twist…  This was a GREAT movie to film and it’s converting down as I type this…should be released soon.  🙂

Terror in tape gagged eyes as Sasha Fae realizes this “bondage modeling thing” isn’t all it’s cracked up to be…

Anyway…the day passes to Wednesday…and sure enough, the guy the ISP sends down to check out my internet finds out that while I was gone, maintenance here at my apartment complex had done some digging and nicked some of my lines…a snip and a snap here and there and poof, I’m back online!!!  🙂  For about two hours.  Suddenly, when I try to call up a page, I start getting error messages…the computer can’t connect!  So…at first, I’m thinking that Adobe updated Flash Player without telling anyone again (I hate it when they do that!)…but I call my ISP in a huff.  I get the guy from Tech support again and he asks the dumb questions again…”Did you unplug and replug in your modem?”

Sonofamofobitch, if that doesn’t work this time.  Remember that one, kids…it really does fix things from time to time.  🙂

Yours in overly-written prose,