All posts for the day August 15th, 2012

So.  Back from FetCon, and now comes the “fun” part…getting back into the grind and starting to send in the pics.  Have to admit, I am verrrrry tired still and my left shoulder aches like a motherfucker, but things need to get back into motion…I’ll be back at the computer editing away at the mountain of new material I generated very soon.  It’s a touch hard to settle down after a week of leisure, believe it or not…lol.

“Take a vacation FROM the vacation” and all that rot.  🙂

The shoulder is making it hard to sleep at night…and when I do my second shoot of the month around these parts, it’s gonna be tough moving the bound lass around…but I’ll “shoulder” on.  🙂  OW! BAD pun, sorry!    Buuuut it does need to be done…I want you all to not only enjoy the mountain of video I sent in but the great still pics as well.  Question is…where do I start?

My dahhhhhling Candle Boxxx:

Candle Boxxx

 The super-sexy Kobe Lee:

Kobe Lee

 Sexy Isobel Wren, maybe?

Isobel Wren

 Or new-to-TucsonTied and super gorgeous Drea Morgan:

Drea Morgan

Decisions, decisions…it’s a tough life, but somebody’s gotta live it, right?  🙂

Off to the grind…