All posts for the day August 17th, 2012

Alright, kids…let’s yak for a bit.  🙂  Don’t worry, I’ll throw ya a pic here and there so it isn’t all booooooring text.  I do have a bit on my mind, tho, so be aware of that…this may be a long one.

I’m aware of the nature of the Internet.  Once posted, a pic can’t ever really disappear from the net…if it’s up there, it’s UP THERE.  Not to mention it’s in the cache or hard drive of every person who’s seen it…again, I understand this.  But recently, a Tumbl’r blog came to light…and I have to say I’m damn mystified at the concept.  As I wrote in a blog at FetLife (where the thing broke), I just don’t get it.  This paragraph summed it up…

When I post my works, it’s because I thought either my photography or the model’s posing/emoting, or the ropework, or a combination of all (usually, it’s a combination of all) were superior and I want to show it off…what does Tumbl’r do other than show off someone’s ability to copy and paste???

I just don’t get the concept.  Why not just get yourself a camera, hire yourself a model, and create your OWN work instead of archiving other people’s stuff?  This blog was BOGGLING…it’s HUGE!  5 pics at last count from me (my browser crashes when I read too far into it)…and I’m kiiiiinda OK with it.


Pic break! Sasha Fae from the movie, “Sasha Fae’s Ardent Fan”

“Kinda” in that the person didn’t crop off my watermark so that people can see where the work comes from.  I’d like it much more if the person was to credit the site with a link back to my site and credit the model in the shot.  So…all that said, let’s talk about the re-posting of my work.

I don’t get Tumbl’r…it just looks like a way of showing off how well you can copy and paste to me, actually…but if you wanna do this stuff and use my work on it, or on other sites like FetLife, Facebook or the like, I just ask a few things…

  • Contact me here, please.  It does me proud to know the work is loved!
  • Don’t remove the watermark!  Let people see where you got the pic from.  🙂
  • Post a link back to TucsonTied or StacieSnowBound so I can get any web traffic.
  • CREDIT THE MODEL INVOLVED!  That’s IMPORTANT to me…I want it known who the pic is OF.

The last one is pretty crucial to me.  The models deserve credit for their hard work…please, if you can’t do me a kindness, at LEAST do them one; they work hard at their craft.  🙂


Stacie Snow from the bondage film, “Stacie Snow’s Kinky Parole Officer”

Not much, really, I think.  It’s just common courtesy, and it does both me and the models tons of good.  I’ve heard folks say that they do this kinda stuff to show that they love the work…how can you love the work and not want to help the artists involved to continue to make the work?  Makes little sense to me.

So, again…if you wanna post my stuff elsewhere, follow the steps above and please show us making the pics and vids you all love a touch of kindness when you do.  🙂  Thanks!