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Good Vibrations, indeed….


When used for intimate play between a loving couple, they can be fun…when a gal’s passing time by herself, there can be enjoyment as well.  Combined with bondage by this photographer….

Frustrating at times.  :/

Some of my fans like it, others hate it, most don’t understand it.   It took me a bit before it went from custom client request to personal like, but it’s there now; I can dig it.  I understand the “science” of it and can roll with it, and I just, in a pic, recently had it WELL defined by a fan…let’s talk about these little noisemakers and how they’re utilized in my way in the photography.

Is that vibrator in the crotch rope bothering you in a “good” way, Sasha Fae? 🙂

I have to say I’m a little amazed at how much outcry those little guys cause.  :/  Delving into the origin of it all…I have a custom client who requests this little addition to all his shoots.  He likes the look of them and the imagining of what they’re doing to the captive throughout her captivity.  It’s his like and I “get” it too; it’s pretty cool and a nice addition to things.  But, I DO get a lot of questions, ranging from “Does it work?” to “What…are you trying to give the girls’ bellybuttons orgasms???”  Let’s dive in.

Awwww, Stacie Snow…is that vibe messing with you, hon? 🙂

They’re meant to be an agitant.  An agitator…something that messes with the captive’s head and frustrates her.  A fan put it this way on one of my pics at FetLife:

Well just really thought about it when answered the question about it vibrating or sending vibes in the rope, I thought that is as good as holding the vibe down where one normally would think and doing a tease and denial, this is a way cooler way too. 🙂

“Tease and denial”…I like the way he phrased that; pretty much describes the situation.  It’s also meant to keep the captive still and quiet; the vibrations DO travel down the rope and hit all the places where the rope goes, and after HOURS of being tied like that with that little buzzer going…well, at least that’s the “fantasy” level of it, at least.  I only run the vibes during the shooting of video, mind you.  Moving around would only cause the rope to tighten and the sensations to intensify…so the gal stays still.

Drea Morgan…feeling all the vibrations from that? 🙂

And it works, too.   Kimberly Marvel, when I first did a shoot with her with the vibe in place as I’m doing it jumped a little…she was not only surprised that it worked, but how well it worked.  Another thing that the FetLife commentator said was that they were becoming close to being my “signature” in the bondage…almost as well as a watermark in a pic.  I’m one of only two photographers doing it after all…if you have trouble identifying my work, this is CERTAINLY one way of telling.

So, yep, they work when used, folks…believe it or not.   Only thing I have to do is find one that’ll be loud enough to overpower the noise made by my air conditioner…lmao!  🙂

Creating vibes thru the bondage industry,