All posts for the day August 24th, 2012


There’s a Tumblr member who has some of my work up.  Blurry, out of focus pictures that make me look like a crap photographer…I am not pleased.  The guy involved has been in contact with me and wants to help…but I can’t send him links as the site won’t allow me to send him links to specific pictures I want removed.  Plus, I couldn’t respond to the specific message thread that I started with him…there was no way for us to continue the specific thread…I had to start a NEW one.

How fucking Draconian is THAT?!

Christ…Tumblr seems to want members not to be able to communicate with each other, and it makes life difficult.  PLEASE, if you wanna re-post my stuff, use ACCURATE depictions of the work and not blurry, reposted a thousand times ones…makes me look terrible!  🙁


EDIT:  Bad pics are removed and good ones still up.  🙂  I’m starting a Tumblr blog of my own now, you all are invited to have a look:

Gonna start it with a reposting of the Kobe story.