All posts for the day August 29th, 2012

I try to put something down every day, but yesterday, I missed.  🙁  Truth to tell, yesterday was something of a celebration/work day…I spent the morning in happy celebration of getting material of Stacie Snow and Sasha Fae together finally (and doing some shopping at Staples…they had a deal on 16 Gb SD cards I couldn’t pass up…lol), and the evening working my sorry, sad and huge ass off finishing up the edits on the product…which is in fact done and will be sent in to the sites soonly.

I’m really proud of the product…and there’s a hogtie scene in it that is wonderful!  🙂

I’ll be sure to announce this gathering of titans (lol) when it gets released…and once I settle on a title for it.  :/

Later, kids!